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Creation Date: Sat Nov  3 18:37:26 2001
Channel Name:  gossip

(note - most recent messages are displayed at the bottom)
 (14 hours ago)   Alabasta gossips, 'Yes. It's not in the same setting'

 (14 hours ago)   Odi gossips, 'nods'

 (14 hours ago)   Alabasta gossips, 'for many seasons it reminded me of
Anne Rice novels and then just got sillier and sillier.'

 (14 hours ago)   Alabasta gossips, 'I think it was a victim of, hey
we're making money, lets keep going.'

 (14 hours ago)   Odi gossips, 'yep, I view 13 reasons why in the same

 (14 hours ago)   Lovella gossips, 'lots of series I've found do that
exact thing.'

 (14 hours ago)   Odi gossips, 'they kept it going, should have done 2
seasons and then left it'

 (14 hours ago)   Odi gossips, 'aggravating they cancel great shows
after 1 season though and then make a stupid slasher serial killer
series for 3 seasons. And I love serial killer stuff too, but some is

 (14 hours ago)   Alabasta gossips, 'One of the reasons I compare a lot
of shows to Cowboy Bebop. It was thought out, has a beginning and an
end, and it was clear they intended it to stop when it did. Same way
with Black Lagoon.'

 (14 hours ago)   Lovella gossips, 'don't get into anime then. that
happens all the time lol!'

 (14 hours ago)   Lovella gossips, 'cowboy bebop. the best outtro.'

 (14 hours ago)   Alabasta gossips, 'In highschool years ago, a buddy
used wierd Al's "Living in the Fridge" to make an AMV for the fridge
episode and it killed me, so funny and appropriate.'

 (14 hours ago)   Alabasta gossips, 'Also I have been in the "fried
steak and peppers, without the steak" boat before.'

 (14 hours ago)   Lovella gossips, 'lol! Nice. My friend always uses
the stuffed peppers and meat reference whenever he can.'

 (14 hours ago)   Lovella gossips, 'are you reading my mind?'

 (14 hours ago)   Lovella gossips, 'legit posted that before seeing
your ms. lol'

 (14 hours ago)   Alabasta gossips, 'nope lol'

 (14 hours ago)   Alabasta gossips, 'I am having trouble finding the
correct 'tomb' for Anne for the ghost outside the gate in the haunted

 (14 hours ago)   Alabasta gossips, 'I decided to come back to it after
the minotaur maze, but maybe I've been searching in the wrong spot'

 (14 hours ago)   Lovella gossips, 'for the farmer?'

 (14 hours ago)   Alabasta gossips, 'He's a ghost, don't remember if he
was a farmer'

 (14 hours ago)   Alabasta gossips, 'yeah'

 (14 hours ago)   Lovella gossips, 'yeah. In the graveyard there is a
mosoleum. You have to either pick the lock or get the key'

 (14 hours ago)   Alabasta gossips, 'He was'

 (14 hours ago)   Alabasta gossips, 'Aaah, ty'

 (14 hours ago)   Lovella gossips, 'lol'

 (14 hours ago)   Lovella gossips, 'I believe the key is with the rose
bush but don't hold me to that. I usually just pick it.'

 (14 hours ago)   Alabasta gossips, 'Yeah I've had they key before

 (14 hours ago)   Alabasta gossips, 'Oh hey, I just wanted to let
people know, if for some reason you are in the US and have medicare I
now work for 1-800 Medicare and in a few weeks can potentially answer
the odd question if somethings up. obviously not being at work I can't
pull files or anything so I can't really give you specifics about
claims or anything.'

 (14 hours ago)   Alabasta gossips, 'Also, please don't give me any
personal info like your SSN or medicare number. I won't be at work, so
it wouldn't do me any good and its just risky to put out there.'

 (14 hours ago)   Egwene gossips, 'You've had enough of a warrior for
social justice's insults, and turn to attack him.'

 (14 hours ago)   Egwene gossips, 'i love the mobs in the new areas'

 (14 hours ago)   Vandikar gossips, 'Is that for real?'

 (14 hours ago)   Egwene gossips, 'yeah'

 (14 hours ago)   Lovella gossips, 'seriously? that's hilarious.'

 (14 hours ago)   Vandikar gossips, 'Not really.'

 (14 hours ago)   Lovella gossips, 'that it exists.'

 (14 hours ago)   Vandikar gossips, 'So if I applied to become a
builder, could I make areas full of fascists and winger shitlords to

 (14 hours ago)   Cria gossips, 'seems like a good plan'

 (14 hours ago)   Lovella gossips, 'dude, there's literally a mob
called Newt Gingrich on the island of sloe you have to kill. Chill.'

 (13 hours ago)   Ivey gossips, 'there's plenty of real-world
references in the mob factory'

 (13 hours ago)   Woem gossips, 'four shots of eternal youth will
really mess you up'

 (12 hours ago)   Kagome gossips, 'hi'

 (12 hours ago)   Sabermage gossips, 'and that's why we follow

 (12 hours ago)   Nessie gossips, 'thanks'

 (11 hours ago)   Alabasta gossips, 'lol....99' spider web that I am
somehow carrying.'

 (11 hours ago)   Sabermage gossips, 'level 99? or just 99 pieces'

 (11 hours ago)   Alabasta gossips, '99 feet....size'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'cn anyone help me with something'

 (10 hours ago)   Samarn gossips, 'whats up??'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'i have a bluetooth for i phone
and i don'tunderstand how to naviage it '

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'when navigation is on it says
possible buttons '

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'i don't know if it has to have
full keyboard access on or '

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'on or off'

 (10 hours ago)   Alabasta gossips, 'What are you using it for?'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'i phone'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'my friend said full keyboard
access has to be on'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'and when i did hat it is not
swiping like it used to '

 (10 hours ago)   Alabasta gossips, 'I mean what are you trying to
connect with bluetooth?'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'now it's scrwedd'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'it is on my i phone'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'when i did full keyboard access
on that is when it went bonkers'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'my friend said it had to be full
access on'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'with voiceover'

 (10 hours ago)   Samarn gossips, 'what are you trying to connect to
your phone??'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'when keyboard access is off i
can't close apps'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'it is on my i phone 8 plus'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'it is not apple'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'maybe i changed the keyboard time
out and I don't know hwo tfix it '

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'can someone tell me how to set it
back to default plz'

 (10 hours ago)   Alabasta gossips, 'Bluetooth is used to connect
things to other things. We are asking what you are trying to connect to
your phone with bluetooth?'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'i said my i phoe'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'i phone.. '

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'yes'

 (10 hours ago)   Samarn gossips, 'are you trying to connect one phone
to another??'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'it is bluetooth 3.0 '

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'dude can you understand this?'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'i have my bluetooth paired with
my i phone 8 '

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'smile'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'I got it for my birthday '

 (10 hours ago)   Samarn gossips, 'what is the bluetooth device??'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'bluetooth 3.0 '

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'keyboard'

 (10 hours ago)   Alabasta gossips, 'There we go lol'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'but i think i put the keyboard
like more seconds i don't know how to fix it my friend said you had to
have it full keyboard access on'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'my friend said he would send me a
manual andhe did not he had other things to get to '

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, '""'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'do you have to have it on a
certain seconds with the keyboard?'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'maybe that is why it's taking too

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'i have it like 2 seconds and it's
too i want to put it on default and i screwed it up '

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'and i don't understand the
navigation on or off thing'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'can someone tal to me in tells
plz ? '

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'talk * '

 (10 hours ago)   Samarn gossips, 'is the device currnetly

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'no !'

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'can u send me a tell plz '

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'i screwweed osmethingup '

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'something up '

 (10 hours ago)   Faithanne gossips, 'im about to o/'

 (10 hours ago)   Samarn gossips, 'are you able to go to your

 (10 hours ago)   Sabermage gossips, 'and that's why we follow

 (10 hours ago)   Samarn gossips, 'so generous'

 (10 hours ago)   Fumo gossips, 'any gods or admin online?'

 (9 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'I was evacuated from my house

 (9 hours ago)    Alabasta gossips, 'whew, yea?'

 (9 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'police chase and the stolen car came
threw my window. broke all glass and hit with such force it opened my 1
year old daughters door open. the guy who hit my window had a semi auto
in the car he stole'

 (9 hours ago)    Alabasta gossips, 'whoa'

 (9 hours ago)    Stickson gossips, 'what kind of car was it?'

 (9 hours ago)    Alabasta gossips, 'That's the sort of thing that
would've ended very differently where I am. More than likely guy
would've been shot by the homeowner'

 (9 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'I am not sure'

 (9 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'the rest of his friends ran and only
the driver was caught.'

 (9 hours ago)    Alabasta gossips, 'Welp, he's technically

 (9 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'I wanted him charged with atempted
manslawter on my family, indangering my daughter and my mental state.
I'm suffering from ptsd as well as other things'

 (9 hours ago)    Stickson gossips, 'hell, '

 (9 hours ago)    Stickson gossips, 'why not go for the death

 (9 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'I actually wanted to talk to him and
tell him he could have killed us and he wasnt talking to police'

 (9 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'it is not allowed whear I live'

 (9 hours ago)    Stickson gossips, 'he's already screwed. why make it
worse because he scared you and damaged your property?'

 (9 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'I wish he would have not walked
away. He tried hiding in a complex where the arresting officer used to

 (9 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'I heard a siren then the crash with
braking glass so I called dispach and said " send aid right now. I
think an ambulence, copcar or a firetruck got bombed'

 (9 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'shit where do u live?'

 (9 hours ago)    Shadowspear gossips, 'hello mal '

 (9 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'i don?t understand this.. how
can a pshop have 500+ rent per day and the shop only has like 210 gold
in the register? i?d think by this point it should be closed down?'

 (9 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'my property manager says we need to
wait 4 to 6 weeks for a new replacement window. Its going to rain and
thunder tomorrow.'

 (9 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'put heavy plastic sheet over the

 (9 hours ago)    Gandor gossips, 'That is not good. Get tarps?'

 (9 hours ago)    Shadowspear gossips, '*shakes gandors hand*'

 (9 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'hey shadow, sorry didn?t ignore
u, but messages aren?t always spoken on mud rammer'

 (9 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'only saw bc i replayed channel'

 (9 hours ago)    Gandor gossips, 'They should at least do something
temporary to keep the water out as they do not want damage to their

 (9 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'I cant. we are not allowed to put
stuff in our windows.'

 (9 hours ago)    Gandor gossips, 'A month and a half to replace a pane
of glass is insane.'

 (9 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'hmm.. well that sucks'

 (9 hours ago)    Shadowspear gossips, 'agreed '

 (9 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'u rent?'

 (8 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'stupid covid19'

 (8 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'can?t disagree there lol'

 (8 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'if u can?t put a tarp or
something up, just move anything away from the window and let the rain
do it?s worse?'

 (8 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'I'm refusing to wear a mask because
if it is not a law, and if I'm metically cleared I will not wear one'

 (8 hours ago)    Gandor gossips, 'Your landlord will hopefully do
something to help as water will damage their property and that will
cost much more to fix'

 (8 hours ago)    Gandor gossips, 'I will wear a mask as they are
proven to help stop the spread of the virus'

 (8 hours ago)    Shadowspear gossips, 'same'

 (8 hours ago)    Gandor gossips, 'I wear one anytime I am around
people except my father whom I live with, as we?d contract it from each
other, regardless.'

 (8 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'did you know that the number of
cases is a lot lower then hospitals say? for every case the conferm,
they get 30 grand?'

 (8 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'i wear one everytime i go out,
even to the doctor, but i?ve literally only left my property twice
since the last week of february and both times were for my foot doctor,
I have a very compromised immune system so I HAVE to'

 (8 hours ago)    Gandor gossips, 'The cases are actually a lot higher
than they say, probably 20x as many have it that are not being tested.'

 (8 hours ago)    Gandor gossips, 'This virus has killed more people in
the US in five monthd than the flu in five years.'

 (8 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'they tell people they have it
when they don?t, bunch of bullshark'

 (8 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'my governor is putting people with
covid in the nersing homes to keep the numbers up and the lckdown up.]'

 (8 hours ago)    Gandor gossips, 'I am not a conspiracy theorist. The
virus was not manmade. It is not the flu. There will not be microchips
in the vaccine. They are not the mark of the beast.'

 (8 hours ago)    Gandor gossips, 'Anyway, gotta get stuff done.

 (8 hours ago)    Warman gossips, 'thanks'

 (8 hours ago)    Swag gossips, 'woo gandor!'

 (8 hours ago)    Kionido gossips, 'You dont have to be a conspiracy
theorist to see that the illness has been politicized and is being used
to the benefit of local and federal governembt'

 (8 hours ago)    Power gossips, 'woot thanks gandor'

 (8 hours ago)    Gandor gossips, 'Not to the degree you are stating,
though. Regardless, I have medical junk to take care of. Goodnight.'

 (8 hours ago)    Stickson gossips, 'I heard that covid positive people
are being put into cars and driven through windows in order to spread
the virus'

 (8 hours ago)    Kionido gossips, 'I don?t think it?s as crazy as the
internet would like you to think, but FOR SURE local governments are
utilizing their districts as a means for federal aid and response'

 (8 hours ago)    Khai gossips, 'i mean, got keep those numbers up'

 (8 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'I know I say tax the hell out of
china. as soon as the covid came out, ticktock sky rocketed in numbers'

 (8 hours ago)    Kionido gossips, 'Tiktok is a whole other monster..
that app is wild. Valued at between 50-100 BILLION?? It takes in
$3-$4mil a month in app purchases alone. '

 (8 hours ago)    Kionido gossips, 'And the rumor mill is likely the
largest market they?ve got lol'

 (8 hours ago)    Kionido gossips, 'The single most valuable privately
owned business on the planet because of Tiktok.'

 (8 hours ago)    Kionido gossips, '#Mindblown'

 (8 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'I say that money should be a portion
of ours in the United states. China screwed us and killed our economy
in days.'

 (8 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'can I share a statement?'

 (8 hours ago)    Nessie gossips, 'no'

 (8 hours ago)    Stickson gossips, 'that's the spirit!'

 (8 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'cries'

 (8 hours ago)    Khai gossips, 'is a free world, speak what ever'

 (8 hours ago)    Kionido gossips, 'Its tough because that money is in
a privately held business that it no?s CHINA per se, but by a company
from China'

 (8 hours ago)    Kionido gossips, 'Well.. it?s a Valuation, anyway.
But Bill Gates is looking at buying it apparently.. so who tf knows'

 (8 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'I love all people from blacks to
whites and all caultures but thoes of us who have been in a mental
hospital cant buy or poses firearms but give a fellen a gun. we would
only use it to defend ourselves against them or people who intend harm
to us. so that is basically like we live in a dictater ship

 (8 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'rofl,, billary clinton, funny'

 (8 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'lol I know his wife has her own news
channel called cnn or the Clintin news network.'

 (8 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'in my opinion Hillery is the Hore of

 (8 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'it?s a mob in the new area :p'

 (8 hours ago)    Kionido gossips, 'I don?t disagree that a felon
should maybe not own a gun, but I also think that it?s difficult to
have a blanket statement about mental health and gun ownership that is
fair for ALL involved. Arguably, someone with diminished mental
capacity shouldn?t be the first person we give a deadly weapon to. It?s
unfortunate that some have to suffer for this because of a diagnosis'

 (8 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'shoot I ued to hunt and I was
hospitalised but I never shot anyone'

 (8 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'I have a joke. lol did you know that
Jesus drove a honda?'

 (8 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'in Jon chapter 12 verse 49 he says
behold I do not speak of my own accord'

 (8 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'who is voating this election?'

 (8 hours ago)    Kionido gossips, 'everyone should vote. Vote third
party if you want, but vote.'

 (8 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'Joe Biden shouldent run man doesnt
know what state or countery he is in anymore.'

 (8 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'country'

 (8 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'its good to be here in Rushia oh I
mean Europe oh er um I mean Michigan or florida or I am so sorry Cuba'

 (8 hours ago)    Rocksteady gossips, 'lol'

 (8 hours ago)    Lorkin gossips, 'and kernal Sanders is a straight up
comunest. He says he is a socialist'

 (8 hours ago)    Kionido gossips, 'what?s the best way to replenish
mana in the field without potions or anything special'

 (8 hours ago)    Khai gossips, 'sleep'

 (8 hours ago)    Cursemaster gossips, 'Sleep or rest'

 (8 hours ago)    Stickson gossips, 'mana regen gear and sleep'

 (8 hours ago)    Sirand gossips, 'purple ioun stones when you sleep. 
keep in your inventory.  first slot'

 (8 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'rofl this new area gets better
and better :p'

 (7 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'i think this new area is my
favorite area on archais after fairyland'

 (7 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'can someone that knows steal gr
join me for 1 min plz?'

 (7 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'any thieves around?'

 (7 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'what level is steal?'

 (7 hours ago)    Warman gossips, '18 I think'

 (7 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'thx'

 (7 hours ago)    Power gossips, 'level 16'

 (7 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'how can someone join me if i?m
in new dentin?s workshop?'

 (7 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'they said that it says i?m too
far away, but even when they are in redfern?s area or enter a different
outer planar portal they are still too far away'

 (7 hours ago)    Shadowfax gossips, 'dentin's workshop is its own

 (7 hours ago)    Cursemaster gossips, 'HOw do I get to dentins
workshop all?'

 (7 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'oh, so noone can gr join me

 (7 hours ago)    Shadowfax gossips, 'no i guess not, but i reckon that
you recall out and jump back in easily enough'

 (7 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'ok'

 (7 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'lmao in dentin?s workshop but
wording out says dentin doesn?t immediately respond, ironic :p'

 (7 hours ago)    Power gossips, 'ahaha just means he is busy in his

 (7 hours ago)    Shadowfax gossips, 'cursemaster it's connected via a
portal in redferne's palace on archais'

 (7 hours ago)    Shadowfax gossips, 'rofl power'

 (7 hours ago)    Shadowfax gossips, 'has power got the power yet?'

 (7 hours ago)    Cursemaster gossips, 'Okay.'

 (7 hours ago)    Cursemaster gossips, 'Thanks'

 (7 hours ago)    Cursemaster gossips, 'thanks.'

 (7 hours ago)    Power gossips, 'woot!!'

 (7 hours ago)    Warman gossips, 'thanks'

 (7 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'woo thank yas'

 (7 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'mc'

 (6 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'anyone can tell me how to get
the safe quest in dentin?s workshop? i?ve tried talking to the anti
knight of dentin as well as quest list and i get nothing...'

 (6 hours ago)    Shadowfax gossips, 'you should be able to just talk
to him, he wanders so you may have to hunt him down'

 (6 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'oh.. he isn?t the minion at the
start of the area in the vertical tunnel?'

 (6 hours ago)    Shadowfax gossips, 'no that's a different guy'

 (6 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'oh, ok thanks'

 (6 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'is it still anti knight of
dentin like that first mob?'

 (6 hours ago)    Shadowfax gossips, 'holy knight of antidentin is who
you're looking for'

 (6 hours ago)    Malificent gossips, 'hmm i guess i?ll have to wait
for new instance cause where holy and where knight show noone, i?ll try
tomorrow actually, like 1 am lol but i love the area '

 (5 hours ago)    Rocksteady gossips, 'would anyone like to help me
with a tough mob real fast?'

 (4 hours ago)    Donald gossips, 'anyone free for a resurrect?'

 (3 hours ago)    Catalina gossips, 'where you at donald?'

 (3 hours ago)    Donald gossips, 'newbie island group join?'

 (3 hours ago)    Ophis gossips, 'in need of a hitter around level 25
to 30. send tel if interested'

 (2 hours ago)    Elemental gossips, 'how do I create a txt file I am
trying to setup the soundpack for cosmick rage'

 (2 hours ago)    Wrynn gossips, 'Does AOE spells also damage your

 (2 hours ago)    Ophis gossips, 'Do suncatchers survive a server
restart if they are hidden?'

 (1 hour ago)     Sithis gossips, 'is there any tips to for  high level
thief against casters, it seems I just get murdered very quickly'

 (1 hour ago)     Khai gossips, 'in terms of pk or agianst Mobs'

 (1 hour ago)     Khai gossips, 'against'

 (1 hour ago)     Sithis gossips, 'mobs'

 (1 hour ago)     Khai gossips, 'what i do is just backstab, and throw

 (1 hour ago)     Sithis gossips, 'backstabs against some mobs do
hardly 5 percent of the health, and then its hard staying alive to
throw blades, I find'

 (1 hour ago)     Khai gossips, 'so you can backstab mobs again and
again if their hp is above 75%'

 (1 hour ago)     Khai gossips, 'you have warrior levels, you can use
charge, if the mob is lower than 75%'

 (1 hour ago)     Sharkette gossips, 'I'm trying to find a ring in a
cemetery but I can't find it!'

 (1 hour ago)     Sithis gossips, 'I'll have to try that out, don't
have charge TBH, thanks'

 (1 hour ago)     Neufchatel gossips, 'ring is very small and a
cemetary can be very large. Are you checking corpses and searching as
you go?'

 (1 hour ago)     Sharkette gossips, 'yes'

 (1 hour ago)     Sharkette gossips, 'can someone come and help me find
that ring? I will meet you at the graveyard'

 (1 hour ago)     Brant gossips, 'what ring?'


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