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Creation Date: Sat Nov  3 18:37:26 2001
Channel Name:  gossip

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 (1 day ago)      Neufi gossips, 'howdy also'

 (1 day ago)      Devlyn gossips, 'I got to say'

 (1 day ago)      Devlyn gossips, 'I got to say, the alter Aeon mud
program is nice'

 (1 day ago)      Elsbeth gossips, 'lol well, on behalf of the
builders, we thank you. lol and yes, it definitely is'

 (1 day ago)      Devlyn gossips, 'client..that was the word i couldnt

 (1 day ago)      Devlyn gossips, 'the client is super nice'

 (1 day ago)      Devlyn gossips, 'anyone have a hint or two for the
haunted highway quest?  I cant seem to place what solving the curse is'

 (1 day ago)      Elsbeth gossips, 'the very first one?'

 (1 day ago)      Devlyn gossips, 'i think so'

 (1 day ago)      Wolf gossips, 'look for some cursed stones'

 (1 day ago)      Devlyn gossips, 'on the highway itself?'

 (1 day ago)      Wolf gossips, 'in the area with all the ghosties and
ghoulies and skelies'

 (1 day ago)      Devlyn gossips, 'ok'

 (1 day ago)      Elsbeth gossips, 'you have to go in tombs '

 (1 day ago)      Devlyn gossips, 'Ok, i'll get to looking'

 (1 day ago)      Devlyn gossips, 'thanks'

 (1 day ago)      Elsbeth gossips, 'its very intimidating the first
time but lol after a while you can actually memorize the way '

 (1 day ago)      Devlyn gossips, 'one more question(until the next
one).  Any repository for poison brewing information?'

 (1 day ago)      Varana gossips, 'what to do wuht explorer points'

 (1 day ago)      Varana gossips, 'how to check what is in glass case'

 (1 day ago)      Varana gossips, 'look in doesnt work'

 (1 day ago)      Neufi gossips, 'thank'

 (1 day ago)      Yeet gossips, 'Thanks.'

 (1 day ago)      Yeet gossips, 'How good is the skill listen? I keep
getting jumped by goblins, and am not sure how to deal with it. I'm
sneaking, if that helps.'

 (1 day ago)      Devlyn gossips, 'man, casting sanctuary takes 2/3 of
my mana..sheesh'

 (1 day ago)      Derek gossips, 'mana killer for sure, but very

 (1 day ago)      Devlyn gossips, 'Aye, for sure'

 (1 day ago)      Devlyn gossips, 'do i need more sneak skill or
something so that i can get the backstab opening on mobs?'

 (1 day ago)      Eggweard gossips, 'it would probably help if you got
in there without them noticing you'

 (1 day ago)      Devlyn gossips, '... everything pre-empts me'

 (1 day ago)      Eggweard gossips, 'the help sneak file says that lots
of lights and humming items makes it harder to sneak effectively'

 (1 day ago)      Devlyn gossips, 'ok'

 (1 day ago)      Eggweard gossips, 'maybe use infra instead of lights'

 (1 day ago)      Eggweard gossips, 'cut down on glowing eq?'

 (1 day ago)      Eggweard gossips, 'I'm not an expert on sneak

 (1 day ago)      Eggweard gossips, 'but you can type show sneak to see
some kind of sneakiness level'

 (1 day ago)      Valiciousx gossips, 'is there a spell or ability that
works 95% of the time to keep mobs from fleeing?'

 (1 day ago)      Deneve gossips, 'shadow bind'

 (1 day ago)      Valiciousx gossips, 'heh.  that works about 20% of
the time for me :P'

 (1 day ago)      Deneve gossips, 'maybe you shadow bind then solar
flare. that recipe didn't go together'

 (1 day ago)      Valiciousx gossips, 'no it fails to bind at all most
of the time'

 (1 day ago)      Evilstorm gossips, 'you have to know the skill really
well but it's awesome when it works'

 (1 day ago)      Deneve gossips, 'ah. how about entangling roots?'

 (1 day ago)      Evilstorm gossips, 'shadow bind is more reliable than
entangling roots IMO.'

 (1 day ago)      Valiciousx gossips, 'the help file for entangling
roots says it's difficult to get it to work so i haven't spent pracs on

 (1 day ago)      Deneve gossips, 'I can make it to work just fine'

 (1 day ago)      Stormwing gossips, 'there are different things that
influence  how dificult it is and how long it lasts '

 (1 day ago)      Evilstorm gossips, 'it's easier to break free from
entangling roots. I can make it work with Matrim, but against really
high level mobs I just don't bother heh'

 (1 day ago)      Evilstorm gossips, 'yeah solar flare and shadow
strike don't mix.'

 (1 day ago)      Stormwing gossips, 'yeah, using solar on a mob that
people bound will get a lot of people killed at high level '

 (1 day ago)      Valiciousx gossips, 'yeah i heard a lot of
complaining about that the other day'

 (1 day ago)      Evilstorm gossips, 'hrm normally the group leader
should call out "no solar" IMO.'

 (1 day ago)      Valiciousx gossips, 'he did.  multiple times'

 (1 day ago)      Valiciousx gossips, 'ppl weren't paying attention'

 (1 day ago)      Evilstorm gossips, 'oh okay yeah that's anoying'

 (1 day ago)      Evilstorm gossips, 'it can get interesting when
people get leaped for over 1kHP damage'

 (1 day ago)      Deneve gossips, 'or died from a mob charge'

 (1 day ago)      Stormwing gossips, 'skeletan army'

 (1 day ago)      Stormwing gossips, 'lol remember when the mobs in
tombs were shadow striking everyone down in 1 hit there for a while '

 (1 day ago)      Sift gossips, 'Shadow striking mobs are more
obnoxious than the constantly fleeing ones.'

 (1 day ago)      Neufi gossips, 'lost my darn druid pants'

 (1 day ago)      Deneve gossips, 'check the last area you strip'

 (1 day ago)      Neufi gossips, 'i cant remember taking eq off'

 (1 day ago)      Valiciousx gossips, 'would anyone like to join me at
centaurs nw of ralnoth for xp?'

 (16 hours ago)   Idrisb gossips, 'can you please tell me how I go out
of the min '

 (16 hours ago)   Valiciousx gossips, 'anyone on that has decent
strength?  need help opening a gate'

 (16 hours ago)   Idrisb gossips, 'I have to kill all demons or not'

 (16 hours ago)   Morpheus gossips, 'Idrisb type quest 1 it tells you
what to do don't it?'

 (16 hours ago)   Idrisb gossips, 'yes but I can't go out and I don't
understand why'

 (13 hours ago)   Devlyn gossips, 'morning'

 (13 hours ago)   Devlyn gossips, 'how do i answer trivia?'

 (13 hours ago)   Tarzan gossips, 'type event answer letter'

 (13 hours ago)   Devlyn gossips, 'thanks'

 (13 hours ago)   Devlyn gossips, 'granted, its all guesses for me...

 (13 hours ago)   Tarzan gossips, 'a lot of answers can be found in the
help pages and books in the game'

 (13 hours ago)   Devlyn gossips, 'nice'

 (13 hours ago)   Anthony gossips, 'which is cheating imo'

 (13 hours ago)   Morpheus gossips, 'It's not cheating.. Its what you
are suppose to do..  It's how it was designed to work.. '

 (13 hours ago)   Anthony gossips, 'its not how we do a quiz here thats
why i said that'

 (12 hours ago)   Devlyn gossips, 'Kind thanks!'

 (12 hours ago)   Verel gossips, 'well  damn.'

 (12 hours ago)   Verel gossips, 'Looks  like  my  current  set  of 
druid  eq  is  super  bad. '

 (12 hours ago)   Devlyn gossips, 'i just donated some in indira'

 (12 hours ago)   Sandman gossips, 'what was the elvel of the eq?'

 (12 hours ago)   Sandman gossips, 'level'

 (12 hours ago)   Devlyn gossips, 'roughly 10-15 i think'

 (12 hours ago)   Sandman gossips, 'then check vemarken donation room.'

 (11 hours ago)   Devlyn gossips, 'Kind thanks Reorx'

 (11 hours ago)   Earthshaker gossips, 'To war!'

 (11 hours ago)   Sandman gossips, 'I suggest checking my shop 1 up
from the vemarken way point.. Type list search +dcl for ideas of things
to look for.'

 (11 hours ago)   Wildfire gossips, 'yay tnx'

 (11 hours ago)   Naryue gossips, 'thankies'

 (11 hours ago)   Devlyn gossips, 'whats the +dcl?'

 (11 hours ago)   Earthshaker gossips, 'Druidcast level, somethign
that's quite desirable.'

 (11 hours ago)   Devlyn gossips, 'yeah, all the stuff i donated had

 (11 hours ago)   Jaben gossips, 'hi all'

 (11 hours ago)   Taurus gossips, '+dcl is the switch to search for
druid cast level'

 (11 hours ago)   Taurus gossips, 'thats the stat that powers druid
spells and minion strength'

 (11 hours ago)   Shasrak gossips, 'I hate it when one char gets a
quest trigger, and then the same char doesn't under the same
circumstances. Clearly I missed something but... I have no clue what'

 (11 hours ago)   Sandman gossips, 'check  quest  list maybe you didn't
finish soemthing'

 (11 hours ago)   Shasrak gossips, 'nah I don't think so'

 (11 hours ago)   Shasrak gossips, 'it's a pretty straightforward
quest. I just can't get the trigger I need to happen.'

 (11 hours ago)   Morpheus gossips, 'which quest? and trust me Know the

 (11 hours ago)   Verel gossips, 'steak  is  great. '

 (11 hours ago)   Shasrak gossips, 'vampire quest just outside of gnome
critters. Basically, I got the quest introed and went to the vampire
village, but can't get the next part to happen'

 (11 hours ago)   Morpheus gossips, 'its the first quest in yoru list'

 (11 hours ago)   Morpheus gossips, 'in your list'

 (11 hours ago)   Shasrak gossips, 'yep'

 (11 hours ago)   Shasrak gossips, 'just trying to get the next action
in the sequence to happen.'

 (11 hours ago)   Shasrak gossips, 'which, for my other char, happened
just at random when I was walking in the village'

 (11 hours ago)   Eggweard gossips, 'I think you pick up a piece of

 (11 hours ago)   Shasrak gossips, 'indeed'

 (11 hours ago)   Shasrak gossips, 'but the event that causes the piece
of paper to appear just won't happen'

 (11 hours ago)   Eggweard gossips, 'I dont know what causes the paper
to arrive. Sometimes it wasnt there for me. I had to leave and do
something else and come back later'

 (11 hours ago)   Shasrak gossips, 'yep, that's what I'm thinking too.
I keep leaving and reentering.'

 (11 hours ago)   Earthshaker gossips, 'That area's an instance isn't

 (11 hours ago)   Eggweard gossips, 'well, if its an instance, you
might want to stay out until its reset '

 (11 hours ago)   Eggweard gossips, 'or you will just keep extending
the reset timer'

 (11 hours ago)   Earthshaker gossips, 'Use the instance command to

 (11 hours ago)   Shasrak gossips, 'mm true'

 (11 hours ago)   Shasrak gossips, 'not sure how to read this instance

 (11 hours ago)   Eggweard gossips, 'maybe the item has a timer or
something and you took extra long to get through the mazey bit,
allowing it to fade'

 (11 hours ago)   Shasrak gossips, 'says I'm the owner though'

 (11 hours ago)   Eggweard gossips, 'its not very friendly is it?'

 (11 hours ago)   Morpheus gossips, 'trying to look into it now.. give
me a few seconds. '

 (11 hours ago)   Eggweard gossips, 'I think its the 2nd number you
hear, in ticks'

 (11 hours ago)   Eggweard gossips, 'It could really use to be
different for VI'

 (11 hours ago)   Earthshaker gossips, 'Nope, first number when looking
at the output.'

 (11 hours ago)   Shasrak gossips, '10080 in this case'

 (11 hours ago)   Shasrak gossips, 'whatever that represents'

 (11 hours ago)   Eggweard gossips, 'thats the zone number tho'

 (11 hours ago)   Earthshaker gossips, 'Oh, second. Thought the name
was listed in front.'

 (11 hours ago)   Eggweard gossips, 'the next number is the remaining

 (11 hours ago)   Morpheus gossips, 'earth that is so wrong'

 (11 hours ago)   Shasrak gossips, 'ah I see'

 (11 hours ago)   Eggweard gossips, 'the name is the last thing'

 (11 hours ago)   Eggweard gossips, 'well, the timer is now 30 ticks'

 (11 hours ago)   Eggweard gossips, 'lol'

 (11 hours ago)   Shasrak gossips, 'll'

 (11 hours ago)   Shasrak gossips, 'I guess that works too'

 (11 hours ago)   Earthshaker gossips, 'Don't worry, the boot will kill

 (11 hours ago)   Shasrak gossips, 'well then, I'll wait until reboot'

 (11 hours ago)   Earthshaker gossips, 'Just in time to take out this

 (11 hours ago)   Devlyn gossips, 'messed up a quest by accidentally
trying to make poison from the quest item'

 (11 hours ago)   Devlyn gossips, 'any idea how to get an item back in
those cases?'

 (11 hours ago)   Shasrak gossips, 'repeat that leg of the quest

 (11 hours ago)   Morpheus gossips, 'I think mbos  are picking the note
up.. I made it noget all so will ahve to get it by name now. get all
won't work and should prevent mobs from picking it up.'

 (11 hours ago)   Devlyn gossips, 'i tried, Shasrak, they wont give me
a new copy of the packet of herbs on turn in again'

 (11 hours ago)   Shasrak gossips, 'that's rude of them'

 (11 hours ago)   Devlyn gossips, 'Seriously!'

 (11 hours ago)   Shasrak gossips, 'also, thanks Morpheus.'

 (11 hours ago)   Devlyn gossips, 'theres a druid cast level 1 necklace
sold by poti the alchemist in gnome village, fyi.  For the guy looking

 (11 hours ago)   Devlyn gossips, 'Verel, i think'

 (11 hours ago)   Morpheus gossips, 'he sells it  list  mix'

 (11 hours ago)   Verel gossips, 'thanks'

 (11 hours ago)   Devlyn gossips, 'thank you'

 (10 hours ago)   Sevrior gossips, 'it would be cool if autobrief
worked with exploration a bit more closely. I.E, it only shows long
room descs for new rooms the first time you enter them'

 (10 hours ago)   Morpheus gossips, 'would have to be a 3rd option and
keeping ttrack of every room might be a bit much to save.'

 (10 hours ago)   Sevrior gossips, 'nods'

 (10 hours ago)   Sevrior gossips, 'just trying to figure out the best
way to track exploration'

 (10 hours ago)   Morpheus gossips, 'if blind try map -old  if sighted
try using the map. '

 (10 hours ago)   Sevrior gossips, 'ah that's helpful actually'

 (10 hours ago)   Devlyn gossips, 'Kind thanks'

 (10 hours ago)   Iain gossips, 'Thanks'

 (9 hours ago)    Sevrior gossips, 'whyyyyy are there so many wraith
knights here'

 (9 hours ago)    Eggweard gossips, 'its a convention.'

 (9 hours ago)    Devlyn gossips, 'use magic on them'

 (9 hours ago)    Rafa gossips, 'like boo'

 (9 hours ago)    Sevrior gossips, 'I am'

 (9 hours ago)    Rafa gossips, 'booooooo'

 (9 hours ago)    Sevrior gossips, 'but then I run out of mana'

 (9 hours ago)    Sevrior gossips, 'and have to go hide in sadness'

 (9 hours ago)    Rafa gossips, 'like boooooooo '

 (9 hours ago)    Devlyn gossips, 'yeah, i had that issue too'

 (9 hours ago)    Zane gossips, 'thanks'

 (9 hours ago)    Sevrior gossips, 'does anyone buy spellcomps?'

 (9 hours ago)    Sevrior gossips, 'like alchemists or whatever'

 (9 hours ago)    Sift gossips, 'Maybe alchemist shopkeepers?'

 (9 hours ago)    Valiciousx gossips, 'are you asking about pc or npcs'

 (9 hours ago)    Rafa gossips, 'im sure   some  shop keepers  do nods'

 (9 hours ago)    Sevrior gossips, 'either I guess, but probably npcs.
Don't imagine I have much worthwhile selling to players yet'

 (9 hours ago)    Valiciousx gossips, 'you can try where alchemist'

 (9 hours ago)    Valiciousx gossips, 'see if there's one near ya'

 (9 hours ago)    Sevrior gossips, 'nod'

 (8 hours ago)    Traveller gossips, 'what is a good area to get good
armers for level 14 thieves '

 (8 hours ago)    Eggweard gossips, 'There is a shop called The Leather
Purse in Indira that sells some'

 (8 hours ago)    Traveller gossips, 'thanks'

 (8 hours ago)    Eggweard gossips, 'there is also a nice piece in the
cellar of the Brown House'

 (8 hours ago)    Eggweard gossips, 'I think you need to do a
mousecatching quest for mister brown to get down there'

 (8 hours ago)    Traveller gossips, 'i have got than one yeah '

 (8 hours ago)    Traveller gossips, 'leather purse is in indira? can't

 (8 hours ago)    Eggweard gossips, 'I thought so'

 (8 hours ago)    Sevrior gossips, 'who trains Gisco giblet grenade?'

 (8 hours ago)    Sevrior gossips, 'not seeing a trainer for it'

 (8 hours ago)    Anthony gossips, 'demonic tutor'

 (8 hours ago)    Valiciousx gossips, 'type skill find gisco'

 (8 hours ago)    Sevrior gossips, 'nod'

 (8 hours ago)    Eggweard gossips, 'its now called the Indira Rangers
Guild and Stealth and Tactical Gear Shop'

 (8 hours ago)    Miraz gossips, 'do i have to use undead scourge on a

 (8 hours ago)    Earthshaker gossips, 'Yep.'

 (8 hours ago)    Miraz gossips, 'so i can't use it like a potion'

 (8 hours ago)    Earthshaker gossips, 'You pour the unguent over the

 (8 hours ago)    Miraz gossips, 'okay thanks.'

 (7 hours ago)    Nyssa gossips, 'thanks!'

 (7 hours ago)    Pickles gossips, 'thank you'

 (7 hours ago)    Vador gossips, 'thancks'

 (7 hours ago)    Arielsong gossips, 'Excuse me, is pale skin fair or
is it  pale or white? '

 (7 hours ago)    Miraz gossips, 'can i pour an unguent on the dagger
of nar?'

 (7 hours ago)    Arielsong gossips, 'anyone sighted'

 (7 hours ago)    Valiciousx gossips, 'yeah'

 (7 hours ago)    Arielsong gossips, 'sorry :'

 (7 hours ago)    Eggweard gossips, 'yes, fair skin is pale skin'

 (7 hours ago)    Arielsong gossips, 'thank you ! '

 (7 hours ago)    Miraz gossips, 'it didn't do anytbing to the dagger
when i poured the unguent on it.'

 (7 hours ago)    Earthshaker gossips, 'That weapons sounds familiar.
Can't remember where I seen it though.'

 (7 hours ago)    Miraz gossips, 'it's from the village of nar. i

 (7 hours ago)    Earthshaker gossips, 'Isn't that the one place by
fire giants or something like that?'

 (7 hours ago)    Miraz gossips, 'i think so. let me look.'

 (7 hours ago)    Miraz gossips, 'the dagger is in Khal-Toresh, the
dwarven village'

 (7 hours ago)    Sevrior gossips, 'anyone know if I messed this quest
sequence up or not? For the haunted hills quest. I got the skeleton
keeper dude to talk to me, then broke the cursed stones. Then, he said
return to the curse keeper, which I did. But nothing's happening now'

 (7 hours ago)    Sevrior gossips, 'so... not sure'

 (6 hours ago)    Necrosabor gossips, 'Hmm, thinking about remaking the
necro sabre.'

 (6 hours ago)    Necrosabor gossips, 'Might just make the blade ebon
mithril, the guard a cup or cross, and the grip, hmm... probably go and
do a blank one with a white soulstone. because manaregen and necrocast
would be nice.'

 (6 hours ago)    Neufi gossips, 'thanks'

 (6 hours ago)    Broheem gossips, 'thx'

 (5 hours ago)    Sift gossips, 'Is contortionism really used that

 (5 hours ago)    Nekron gossips, 'thanks'

 (5 hours ago)    Neufi gossips, 'thanks'

 (4 hours ago)    Necrosabor gossips, 'Anyone know of any good metal
storing containers, I vaguely remember something about unesco's wall?'

 (4 hours ago)    Hood gossips, 'Idk, I just use the collecter's bag'

 (4 hours ago)    Saintblue gossips, 'thanks'

 (4 hours ago)    Iain gossips, 'Thanks!'

 (4 hours ago)    Nessie gossips, 'thanks'

 (4 hours ago)    Lepanther gossips, 'raa'

 (4 hours ago)    Miraz gossips, 'just in time thanks'

 (4 hours ago)    Broheem gossips, 'thx'

 (4 hours ago)    Nessie gossips, 'thanks'

 (4 hours ago)    Rebekah gossips, 'Thanks'

 (4 hours ago)    Iain gossips, 'Thanks!'

 (3 hours ago)    Lepanther gossips, 'thanks'

 (3 hours ago)    Frankenstein gossips, 'thanks puppers'

 (3 hours ago)    Talapas gossips, 'just the ticket!'

 (3 hours ago)    Rebekah gossips, 'I have loads of meat from
butchering a massive monster. Apart from Gad's Ironcliff and DT, are
there any rangers on Archais who offer jobs? Alternatively, are there
any near Ralnoth (apart from the one in Poor Alley in the city

 (2 hours ago)    Nessie gossips, 'yay Schlyne is the best'

 (35 minutes ago) Eawder gossips, 'I am playing a necromancer. Any
advice about picking mage v. cleric for my second class?'

 (35 minutes ago) Mufasa gossips, 'I'd go cleric'

 (34 minutes ago) Mufasa gossips, 'you'll want to train chr with int
and wis but it isn't too hard'

 (33 minutes ago) Eawder gossips, 'Thanks.'

 (22 minutes ago) Neufi gossips, 'thanks'

 (22 minutes ago) Bralm gossips, 'when meditating , will it benefit me
to wear a lot of charisma and wisdom equipment?'


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