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Creation Date: Sun Nov  4 10:45:08 2001
Channel Name:  imc

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 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: bullshit wyvren dosent exist

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Kuolema: sup

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: mein negar

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Rorster: yo

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Rorster: does anyone here like sifi?

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Rorster: si-fi?

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: request the ping command be given more

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: a ping -long for example

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: why doesnt this mud ever have an

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: request an eclipse

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Dentin: test test

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Diggle: untest untest

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: request an eclipse

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Dentin: its not a bad idea, but super low

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: are there other planets in the solar
system that alter aeon is in?

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Dentin: there probably will be eventually, but
at the moment it's unconfigured

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: are we in a galaxy far far away a long
time ago or can I get on a space ship and visit earth?

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Dentin: if earth is in the AA universe, its not
currently nearby

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: what the fuck

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: im being fucking killed in my own
goddamn city

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: my home sweet home of ralnoth

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: hi glorida

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: damn 4th

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Eiji: uou

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Rorster: yo

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Rorster: dentin why won't you unban me from
your other chans? Im really not that bad

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Rorster: yo

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: this stocking is rather unwieldly

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Leaf: is banished lands still a thing?

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Kuolema: hi

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Apollo: hi

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Dorion: hi

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Robocop: dentin

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Robocop: why am i banned from channel newbie

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Robocop: its not fair

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Stormtrooper: o

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Stormtrooper: dentn

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Stormtrooper: unban me now now now from gossip
now now now and chat now now now!

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Stormtrooper: or i iwll slap you realy hard

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: where does one put down their roots
these days?

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: i feel slightly sick

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: is an ape a creature that follows you?

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: what are those things called?  critters?

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: uhum

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: uh

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Blazious: hi

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: don't believe in anything that you can't

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: dont believe in fear, don't believe in

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: uh

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Jaro: woad

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: wahahat?

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: a headless weiner attacked me

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Smartchoice: this?

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Odi: lol, how do you find all these channels to
ask about

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Odi: I'd forgotten about this one

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Smartchoice: what is this for?1)

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Diggle: hi

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: uhm

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: zero out of 8 possible explorer points
for the Nemean fields

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: 3 cheers for the velvet underground

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Shouldice: wuddup

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: what?

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: you work at google?

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Dentin: yeah

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: in san jose?

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Dentin: yeah

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Samon: wow the big leagues

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Dentin: well, close enough anyway

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Corax: does Alter feature in your CV?

 (5 years ago)    [imc] Dentin: yeah

 (4 years ago)    [imc] Eassa: hi

 (4 years ago)    [imc] Blazious: wo, haven't seen this chan before

 (4 years ago)    [imc] Samon: Seconds later, she detonated a suicide
vest, killing herself and causing the floor of the apartment to
collapse. The explosion was so violent that her spine was later found
lying in the street outside.

 (4 years ago)    [imc] Dentin: thats generally what explosions do, yes

 (4 years ago)    [imc] Horg: HI.

 (4 years ago)    [imc] Jonathon: nod

 (4 years ago)    [imc] Jepa: sup

 (4 years ago)    [imc] Jonathon: wow if you don't make it binding I'd
almost say go with the shadowstriker you were going to make originally.

 (4 years ago)    [imc] Jonathon: oops

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Thecoolgamer: Hi

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: nobody ever asks me to join theeir group
or their clan or sends me any tells or emails

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: I don't even know when it's daylight out
or night

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Clifford: i just want to make love to a horse

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Jonathon: yesterday and today were first real
chances I've had to lead a group in ages for longer than 30 minutes 

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Jonathon: mc

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: enough with the spam already

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Jamestoh: heme

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Captaindeath: yo

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Captaindeath: the hell dentin, why do oyu have
every other char of mine spammerflagged and silenced

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: hi

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Jonathon: nod

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Jonathon: mc

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Clifford: i don't know what exactly I want out
of life

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Jamestoh: get a house in space

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Spiritsinger: spaaaaaace

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: hello

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: is anybody in there?

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Moose: hello

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: are you on alter shadow?

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Morpheus: help alter shadow  its not open and
hasn't been since 2012.

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Spiritsinger: I wonder if Dentin plans keeping
SA completely separate from alter, or if maybe he's going to use the
experimental intermud interface thingy to be able to communicate
between them.

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Dentin: I havent decided yet

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: what's SA?

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Morpheus: stellar aeon

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: whats the address to that?

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Morpheus: port 4000 I think.

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Jepa: sup

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Serkanal: shut up

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Serkanal: mc

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Chaney: wtf is this chan

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: hell ya

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: i broke through folks

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: all that hard work has finally payed off

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Clifford: wat

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: im number 1 on the leader board for
hours playing

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Clifford: you have dethroned lokar huh. i bet
that throne just reeks of unwashed fat man and aged fast food.

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: that's an awfully unkind charicature

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Clifford: yes.

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: is anyone not busy?

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: oh, nevermind

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: well yeah, is anyone not busy?

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: some little faggot named the
puppetmaster is sending me harassment tells

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: i gotta figure out how to get to a girls
nookie spot

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: durka durka

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: dude

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: i port to places in the mud and I can
sit in the for days at a time

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: in a room that should recieve atleast
some traffic

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: but nobody ever comes

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: this mud is entirely too large for its

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: the mark of the wolf and the sign of the

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Trash: what happened to banished lands? is it
gone?? abybody know???

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: A Ralnoth cityguard says, 'I'm going to
settle this with a small, bat-like creature once and for all!' lol

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Draak: *tap*

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Rman: huh?

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: i am fucked up right now

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: there's pop[corn in my head

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: this is the best channel in the mud
because it trascends reality, as it can speak(connect) to multiple
universes at once

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Dentin: heh

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Dentin: so goes gossip

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: i shouild make this channel my new

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: i'll even chanel the color to pink for
my prompt

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: speed metal is a white form of metal and
sludge, doom, stoner, metal is negro influenced

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: im southern at heart, so i like to slow

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: the best thing about hevay metal is it
soundeds like the devil wrote it

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: as represented as the snake in the

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: and down in hell in paradise lost

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: fuck this is heavy

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: listening to sopesmoker by sleep

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: dopesmoker

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: speed may be the devil's intellect, but
stoner and doom metal in his soul

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: speed metal i mean

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Dentin: Playing

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Dentin: cosmic symphonic black/death metal

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: ill give it s hot

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: a shot

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Dentin: you proably wont like it

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: it looks underground

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: hello stellar aeon ? are you out there?
can i communicate with you?

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Dentin: no

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Stewie: how is Steller Aeon going?

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: goddamn you stewie

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: cant you see the man is busy?

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Stewie: Hey he can answer me or not, its his

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: is your head shaped like a  football in
real life like stewie from family guy?

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Stewie: na

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: hey if someone tried to get you jumped
into a street gang, to be partg of their crew, would you do it?

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: how would you handle the situation?

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Stewie: run away very fast

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: what if you couldnt leave your
neighboorhood and had to join a gang just to syurvive?

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Stewie: then I'd do it

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: what gang would you join? the blind

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: or the black draculas?

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Stewie: what if I made my own?

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: a gang of one? i dont think so

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Stewie: definitely not 1

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: i deserve the ability to go wizinvis at

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: ive broken the 50k hours playing

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: threshhold

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Weyoun: heh you don't show up on leader boards.

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Weyoun: but if that's true, then you are number

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: that's 2,083 days straight

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: 5.7 years

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: only people who have accounts show up on
the leader boards

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Clifford: do you have an email samon?

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: no

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Weyoun: I know

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Weyoun: YOu should make an account

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: i dunno. I feel like i'm being spied on

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Weyoun: Just make a bogus new gmail email
address and use that.

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Weyoun: use it just for AA, nothing else. 
It'll take you 30 seconds

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: do i have to respond to emails? can I
just make an email account, register, and then never access it ever

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Weyoun: just one email

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Weyoun: the initial one ot confirm 

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Weyoun: you don't ever have to after that

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: hhmm

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Weyoun: Random gmail addresses come in handy. 
I use them when I'm trading child pornography or overseeing my human
trafficing activities.

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: noooobs

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: the US invasion of iraq was basically no
different than the german invasion of poland

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: its kind of funny that the US can gr
around attacking all these countries but nobody erally seems to care

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Samon: certainly nobody is stopping ys

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Rman: does imc stand for something?

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Aerror: is this or mewbie channel more suited
for early question asking?

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Lilmike: newbie definitely

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Aerror: oh then, what is this level one
requirement? lol, do non mods get auto kicked later or? 

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Lilmike: this used to be a channel that
multiple muds had connected to, so you could talk to different people
on different muds through it. No other muds connect to it anymore
though, so it's essentially deprecated

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Aerror: wow, did not expect that answer. and
yet it remains populated. somewhat. nice.

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Draak: heh, I didn't even realize it was still

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Torax: wow.  I have to wonder what this channel
is for, and why I happen to be connected to it...  

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Torax: I wonder if it was a hold over from way
back in the day.

 (3 years ago)    [imc] Torax: ah, an ancient channel used for talking
to different muds.

 (2 years ago)    [imc] Sinbad: noooooooobs!

 (2 years ago)    [imc] Mohammed: hi

 (2 years ago)    [imc] Mohammed: hi

 (2 years ago)    [imc] Niezel: hi

 (2 years ago)    [imc] Mohammed: tell hi

 (2 years ago)    [imc] Mohammed: hi

 (2 years ago)    [imc] Trevon: hi

 (2 years ago)    [imc] Mohammed: hi

 (2 years ago)    [imc] Mohammed: what is this channel do

 (2 years ago)    [imc] Morpheus: it don't do anything.

 (2 years ago)    [imc] Mohammed: roflll

 (2 years ago)    [imc] Mohammed: hi

 (2 years ago)    [imc] Mohammed: nothing here

 (2 years ago)    [imc] Mohammed: how are you al

 (2 years ago)    [imc] Mohammed: i hope evrey thing is fine

 (2 years ago)    [imc] Mohammed: this channel should go out

 (2 years ago)    [imc] Jonathon: did summer sun get releveled

 (2 years ago)    [imc] Jonathon: uh mc

 (2 years ago)    [imc] Mohammed: i

 (2 years ago)    [imc] Dragonoid: tell

 (1 year ago)     [imc] Kyrielle: who's breaking stuff?

 (1 year ago)     [imc] Dentin: did you notice something?

 (1 year ago)     [imc] Dentin: test

 (1 year ago)     [imc] Balbus: Hi Dentin!

 (1 year ago)     [imc] Balbus: <3

 (1 year ago)     [imc] Leyaa: .

 (1 year ago)     [imc] Dentin@stellar aeon: test

 (1 year ago)     [imc] Mathayas: Can I give you badd grades?

 (1 year ago)     [imc] Dentin@stellar aeon: signs point to no

 (1 year ago)     [imc] A terrible winged Demon: hehe

 (1 year ago)     [imc] A terrible winged Demon: lmfao dentin

 (1 year ago)     [imc] Mathayas: *cackle*

 (1 year ago)     [imc] Leyaa: heh

 (1 year ago)     [imc] Dentin: jkvlds

 (1 year ago)     [imc] A terrible winged Demon: i agree

 (1 year ago)     [imc] Jonathon: thta is lame. I thought the point of
imc is for that

 (1 year ago)     [imc] Grass: this isnt annoying at all

 (1 year ago)     [imc] Grass: hmm

 (1 year ago)     [imc] A terrible winged Demon: wat

 (1 year ago)     [imc] Pug: .


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