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Creation Date: Sat Nov  3 18:37:36 2001
Channel Name:  newbie

(note - most recent messages are displayed at the bottom)
 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'ok thanks'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'is it ok if i private message you with
any other questions so i am not spamming this chat ? if not i
completely understand'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'I am only visible for testing
purposes. I am normally not visible to mortals to send tells to.'

 (10 days ago)    Mahmoud newbies, 'i, my skill keys not work'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'there is a known issue with that
and its being worked on, jsut not a simple bug tof idn or fix.'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'sorry just not a simple bug to
nail down to fix it.'

 (10 days ago)    Mahmoud newbies, 'what can i do'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'for now just recreate them. '

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'how do i get more taining points '

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'training'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'by leveling'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'ok'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'at your level that is the most
reasonable of getting them.. It would cost 250 credits for one  prac..
or 10mil gold to buy one.. So much easier to jsut level.'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'i bought new weapon but my armor is 121
and all but dam points are only like 31'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'sorry my armor is 110 but seems like
hit points went down'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'all your eq should have hit dam on
it.. You are a warrior.. not a tank.. you want to do as much damage as
can.. As far as weapon goes you might want to go the brute way with a
big two ahnded weapon with pure damage.. slow speed, high die roll,
lots of hit dam.. Or the fast weapon with lwoer die with a shield with
hit dam on it.. '

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'think of it this way, the more
damage you do, the faster the mob dies and the less damage you take. 
If your wearing more defensive stuff the less damage you do and the
more chance they have to do damage to you.'

 (10 days ago)    Raanta newbies, 'It can't kill you if it's dead.'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'so if not a tank don't worry about
ac or even hp as a warrior.. If you train con and str you should have
plenty of hp anyway.'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'i havent seen any two handed weapons so
far still looking around'

 (10 days ago)    Raanta newbies, 'The mercenaries in the False Temple
have a pretty solid two handed blade if you can't find any others.'

 (10 days ago)    Sandman newbies, 'erm check my shop up from the
vemarken way point.. Look at the axe of might or the legendary sword.. 
Can also type list search +dam 1 +hitr 1'

 (10 days ago)    Sandman newbies, 'or even kill the dwarf out the east
gate of indira, head east out of Indira when can go north you  will see
him sitting there.. '

 (10 days ago)    Sandman newbies, 'for their level that weapon is
probably kind of low.'

 (10 days ago)    Raanta newbies, 'Yeah, it was the first one that came
to mind, and wouldn't be hard to get as a worst case scenario.'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'so go back to vemarkin '

 (10 days ago)    Sandman newbies, 'list and buy with same word.. '

 (10 days ago)    Verek newbies, 'Is there a preferred god for new
players? I chose Reorx since I'm a warrior for now, but it's a little
hard to find acceptable sacrifices early on.'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'ata newbie your god only really
helps with recaling..  Especialyl if not a cleric. '

 (10 days ago)    Raanta newbies, 'Last I knew, you shouldn't be trying
to convert at such a low level. Good time to do it is when recalling
isn't guaranteed'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'sorry recalling.'

 (10 days ago)    Raanta newbies, 'Which isn't until what, level 12
ish? Somewhere around there.'

 (10 days ago)    Verek newbies, 'Oh, I had a recall fail at lv 4. I
don't know if I did something wrong, but it gave me the impression I
should convert right away'

 (10 days ago)    Raanta newbies, 'That can happen that early?'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'that is totally wrong, the sooner
the better in fact.. It helps in  recalling and has other little

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'yes it can hence why it told them
to think about finding a god to convert to.'

 (10 days ago)    Verek newbies, 'Thanks everyone! I'll stick with
Reorx then. I'm sure finding acceptable sacrifices will get easier

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'To convert to a god, type panth,
pick a god and type convert god name. Then find items of value to
sacrifice till your god is satisfied. These items can not be taken from
donation rooms, items with no value like candles, magic crystals will
not count, corpses do not count, need to take the items from the corpse
and sac each item. Lastly, type convert to check your progress.'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'I use tht since it ahs several
little tips. '

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'the higher the vlaue the beter. So
like food and the like is ok, but pieces of armor or weapons is
normalyl better. '

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'value'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'sorry about typos arthritis is
having is time today.'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'i thought someone said something about
finding tqo handedweapons at the mercenary guard'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'two'

 (10 days ago)    Night newbies, 'Yes, there's a passable twohander
from them'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'i am in the indira mercenary place and
i have talked to him and he says piss off and i try to type list and
there is nothing here to list'

 (10 days ago)    Raanta newbies, 'It's in the False Temple'

 (10 days ago)    Raanta newbies, 'West of Vemarken'

 (10 days ago)    Night newbies, 'The place you say 'X' to enter'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'at their level that weapon is too
low level'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'oh ok let me go there then'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'oh really'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'better off with the axe of might
from the dwarf in the first part of indira forest.'

 (10 days ago)    Medina newbies, 'I'm not sure, but I doubt any mobs
here would tell you to just piss off. lol.'

 (10 days ago)    Raanta newbies, 'Well, I'm assuming they have no
other option since we already brought up the shop 'up' from the
Vemarken waypoint'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'and that is east of me correct i have
been in there a few times'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'false temple is elvel 8.. their
level 14.. '

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'yes as said before head east out
of indira, past the sign head north and the dwarf is sitting right

 (10 days ago)    Raanta newbies, 'I'm aware, but we've already brought
up the injured dwarf and the shop that even has those axes on offer'

 (10 days ago)    Pendrigan newbies, 'guys, anone know whre to go in
theese stupid tunnels in indira forest to elimnate the spieder thing,
this is confusing'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'sorry for forgetting things just have a
toddler running around '

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'the what?'

 (10 days ago)    Raanta newbies, 'Probably the deeper part of the
spider woods'

 (10 days ago)    Night newbies, 'Pendrigan, there's a place you can go
up into the trees, there's also a landmark there'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'oh sorry spider.. and  use the
where landmark find the webbed part enter there then use where landmark
to find the center and go up into the tree.'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'both the clearing for the bixies
and the webbed hole  are landmarks.'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'erm we have a command called
replay. type replay newbie 15 for example.'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'replay 9'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'guess typed it wrong lol'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'replay newbie 9 '

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'says i feel sick will sleeping help'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'erm if you kill the spiders they
have little  sacs you can quaff to help deal with the poison.'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'sleeping will help.. it will wear
off in time, but the sacs work much better.'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'some reason i cant get to the tree says
it is north but cant go that way'

 (10 days ago)    Pendrigan newbies, 'try going arround somehow'

 (10 days ago)    Pendrigan newbies, 'around ``'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'sorry their glands not  sacs.'

 (10 days ago)    Medina newbies, 'I think you have to enter the hole'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'keep in mind it will be to the
north, but might ahve to go west a bit or east a bit or maybe even
south and find a west etc exit till can start going north again.'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'kind of like in the real world..
you room might be north, but you might have to go down a hall.. turn
left  go a little further then north into your room, but in the end it
will be to the north.'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'how to eat the glan'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'gland'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'type q gland'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'how to get the eggs'

 (10 days ago)    Tribe newbies, 'find them, get them'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'it says it is to big to do this'

 (10 days ago)    Sandman newbies, 'type kill eggs'

 (10 days ago)    Tribe newbies, 'oh you have kill them '

 (10 days ago)    Tribe newbies, 'you murderer :)'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'now it is to smashed to pick up'

 (10 days ago)    Pendrigan newbies, 'you don't need to pick it up'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'ok'

 (10 days ago)    Sandman newbies, 'check your quest it should say to
report back.'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'is there a point in me buying food'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'not unless your  cooking.'

 (10 days ago)    Draak newbies, 'it can give you boosts of health and
movement, especially if you're resting when you eat it. Potions or
scrolls are better for battle'

 (10 days ago)    Tudia newbies, 'How do I change the quickcast fkeys
to other commands?'

 (10 days ago)    Draak newbies, 'help fkey'

 (10 days ago)    Tudia newbies, 'Shopkeepers never seem interested in
the items I try to sell them, am i just picking the wrong things to

 (10 days ago)    Verek newbies, 'how do I appraise an item from a

 (10 days ago)    Verek newbies, 'I'm having trouble figuring that

 (10 days ago)    Tribe newbies, 'list cape , list 2.cape'

 (10 days ago)    Verek newbies, 'thanks!'

 (10 days ago)    Myrialuna newbies, 'You can type "list" and the name
of object you want to value.'

 (10 days ago)    Draak newbies, 'Tudia: selling items to shopkeepers
won't build much wealth, but some do buy things. You should see the
type of items they buy (if any) at the bottom when you type 'list''

 (10 days ago)    Draak newbies, 'it generally corresponds to their
profession, so an alchemist will buy potions, herbs or spellcomps, a
smith might buy weapons, armor or ore, that sort of thing'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'how to get out tunel system lol i am

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'tunnel'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'is the blacksmith on potatoe'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'lane'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'can someone help i feel slightly sick'

 (10 days ago)    Draak newbies, 'you're poisoned, but only a very
little. It should go away soon'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'ok'

 (10 days ago)    Erm newbies, 'is there a way to disband quests i
accidently accepted a quest that i have already done'

 (9 days ago)     Mahmoud newbies, 'how to do this'

 (9 days ago)     Mahmoud newbies, 'Little Timmy says, 'I can't climb
out!  Please pick me up and carry me to my mommy!''

 (9 days ago)     Mahmoud newbies, 'Little Timmy 'I can't climb out! 
Please pick me up and carry me to my mommy!''

 (9 days ago)     Night newbies, 'How do you normally pick things up?'

 (9 days ago)     Erm newbies, 'how to resetthequizmaster'

 (9 days ago)     Erm newbies, 'which direction do i needto go to
stillwater from vermarkin'

 (9 days ago)     Castiel newbies, 'north '

 (9 days ago)     Nightblood newbies, 'south'

 (9 days ago)     Nightblood newbies, 'sorry north'

 (9 days ago)     Erm newbies, 'thanks'

 (9 days ago)     Erm newbies, 'lookin gfor the fisherman in still
water hes not in any of the building is he back in vemarkin'

 (9 days ago)     Castiel newbies, 'look two rooms north of the plaza
in stilwater '

 (9 days ago)     Erm newbies, 'just apole maker'

 (9 days ago)     Erm newbies, 'my armor is 10 levels lower than my
main classwhere do i need to go to get higher level armor and weapons
which town'

 (7 days ago)     Tarez newbies, 'to which god should i convert as an

 (7 days ago)     Night newbies, 'God choice is fairly unimportant
unless you're a cleric and even then it isn't super important'

 (7 days ago)     Night newbies, 'One that's neutral is probably the
best choice. I don't remember when it tells you about alignment stuff,
but the mud is structured so that most people are neutral and it can be
difficult to maintain a positive or negative alignment'

 (7 days ago)     Caoilainne newbies, 'Gods keep asying my sacrifice
isnt good enough'

 (7 days ago)     Night newbies, 'You need to sacrifice items with
value. Corpses and items with no value won't work for conversion'

 (7 days ago)     Night newbies, 'Even just running around and looting
from the areas east of Whelan and that encampment, you can sacrifice
pretty much everything. You just have to make sure to loot the corpses
and drop the items to sacrifice individually'

 (7 days ago)     Tarez newbies, 'hah, nice, i have few items now
valuable more then i have gold in total, and i guess they would sell
for only few golds (and cost more than 10k)'

 (7 days ago)     Caoilainne newbies, 'it's really hard to please a god

 (7 days ago)     Night newbies, 'It takes time, no matter how much you

 (7 days ago)     Caoilainne newbies, 'It keeps saying that I have to
start anew'

 (7 days ago)     Night newbies, 'That happens if you're too slow. Grab
a bunch of stuff to sacrifice before starting to convert, sac it all,
and then run around killing stuff for more to sacrifice until you get
the message that you've converted'

 (7 days ago)     Tarez newbies, 'omg, when i travel to anther city
somehow (automaticaly) some tin-man joined me, and now i can not go to
waypoint, it say: The tin-man would be left behind.  How do i loose
this tin-man?'

 (7 days ago)     Ling newbies, 'type 'noleave''

 (7 days ago)     Ling newbies, 'or ditch tin'

 (7 days ago)     Tarez newbies, 'thanks, noleave worked I am just
qurious why he joined me?'

 (7 days ago)     Ling newbies, 'that's a mob that you can summon with
a certain item. it helps you fight'

 (7 days ago)     Lola newbies, 'check quests?'

 (7 days ago)     Ling newbies, 'probably someone else summoned it and
left the game, or ditched it. it will then follow any player it can

 (7 days ago)     Mahmoud newbies, 'why this        You drop 4 teeth,
and they poof into a fine white powder as they leave your control.'

 (7 days ago)     Night newbies, 'Necro teeth don't exist as items. You
can keep what you can keep and if you drop them it's to get rid of some
so you can continue gathering, but you can't horde them'

 (7 days ago)     Mahmoud newbies, 'but You need at least one harvested
tooth to complete that spell.'

 (7 days ago)     Night newbies, 'They're used automatically as long as
you have them'

 (7 days ago)     Mahmoud newbies, 'i drop all my teeth automaticly
after harvest'

 (7 days ago)     Night newbies, 'Are you using dclient or mushz?'

 (7 days ago)     Mahmoud newbies, 'mash z'

 (7 days ago)     Night newbies, 'That sounds like it might be a
misfiring mushz trigger. If you ask for help on zt channel they'll be
better equipped to help but unfortunately I don't know that package

 (5 days ago)     Helzbrin newbies, 'thanks for anonymous gift'

 (5 days ago)     Humbabang newbies, 'its been a while since I last
logged on and I forgot what works better with warrier/druid, I am stuck
between either thief, cleric, or necro'

 (4 days ago)     Erianka newbies, 'how do I get rid of the TTS telling
me wound info?'

 (4 days ago)     Iana newbies, 'probably somewhere in config.'

 (4 days ago)     Iana newbies, 'just type config, and you'll get a
list of options.'

 (4 days ago)     Erianka newbies, 'thank you, found it. much less
annoying. :)'

 (4 days ago)     Gavi newbies, 'When I type the command spells, it
shows a percentage. What does this percentage mean?'

 (4 days ago)     Kayl newbies, '-'

 (4 days ago)     Kayl newbies, 'hello,'

 (4 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'hiya'

 (4 days ago)     Kayl newbies, 'How do I wake up when I'm ready and I
don't want to sleep anymore?'

 (4 days ago)     Kayl newbies, 'helpmy  pleace'

 (4 days ago)     Lokar newbies, 'wake or stand will work'

 (4 days ago)     Kayl newbies, 'tanks!'

 (3 days ago)     Erm newbies, 'where is the farmingcommunity of
hildabrad loacted '

 (3 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'its east of Vemarken, there's a road
leading there'

 (3 days ago)     Erm newbies, 'thanks'

 (3 days ago)     Zerhathos newbies, 'hey friends, how can see what a
not-yet-learned spell does?'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'type help name'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'try help teeth'

 (3 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'harvest teeth?'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'it can use 2 words like  har tee
or single words.'

 (3 days ago)     Zerhathos newbies, 'thanks all'

 (3 days ago)     Erm newbies, 'where is the bully thati am supposed to
be looking for it just says they have their blocks getting taken away'

 (3 days ago)     Hila newbies, 'type 'where bully''

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'find the houses  look on the
second floor.'

 (3 days ago)     Erm newbies, 'do i need to take all the blocks or
just one set'

 (3 days ago)     Hila newbies, 'did you try checking the quest to see
what it tells you to do?'

 (3 days ago)     Erm newbies, 'oh goodness thanks for the reminder'

 (3 days ago)     Erm newbies, 'tells me to give shaman 300 gold when i
try to says i dont h\a'

 (3 days ago)     Erm newbies, 'says give gold to shaman when i do it
doesntdo anything'

 (3 days ago)     Erm newbies, 'is the sign to gather root deeper in
the forest'

 (3 days ago)     Ling newbies, 'it's just 2 rooms into the forest'

 (3 days ago)     Erm newbies, 'can i just type where old indira ruins
for the ruins'

 (3 days ago)     Ling newbies, 'if you're looking for an area, type
'near <area name>''

 (3 days ago)     Ling newbies, 'so 'near ruin''

 (3 days ago)     Erm newbies, 'do i need to kill treees for mushrooms'

 (3 days ago)     Erm newbies, 'or is there a command for finding
things like'

 (3 days ago)     Erm newbies, 'that'

 (3 days ago)     Tribe newbies, 'type gather'

 (3 days ago)     Tribe newbies, 'and help forage'

 (3 days ago)     Erm newbies, 'says i dont know nothing aboutplants
and harvesting mushrooms '

 (3 days ago)     Erm newbies, 'just need it for a quest'

 (3 days ago)     Gavi newbies, 'how do I get rid of something that
joined my party?'

 (3 days ago)     Gavi newbies, 'I summoned a earth wall and it stays
with me'

 (3 days ago)     Erm newbies, 'ok i am lost lol i still cant get these
mushrooms lol'

 (3 days ago)     Erm newbies, 'how to heal from goblinsor'

 (3 days ago)     Azay newbies, 'Hi could someone please tell me how to
change my characters height and build?'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'you can't.'

 (3 days ago)     Azay newbies, 'Ok'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'try looking at help 1.desc'

 (3 days ago)     Azay newbies, 'Thanks'

 (2 days ago)     Azay newbies, 'Hi could someone tell me where I could
get new gear?'

 (2 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'Lojban in the encampment has some
things for sale, but its not great. There's a donation pit on the south
side of the camp that may have gear in it. You'll find more equipment
as you progress through the game, especially if you follow the quests'

 (2 days ago)     Azay newbies, 'Ok thank you for the help.'

 (2 days ago)     Erm newbies, 'anyone here i can private message for

 (2 days ago)     Azay newbies, 'Hi where is an appropriate place to
log out?'

 (2 days ago)     Pylus newbies, 'waypoints you've prayed at'

 (2 days ago)     Crash newbies, 'recall'

 (2 days ago)     Azay newbies, 'Thanks'

 (2 days ago)     Zerhathos newbies, 'when I logged out the game used
recall automatically if I recall correctly (pun intended)'

 (2 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'the game don't autorecall you when
you try to quit, it will tell you its not a  safe place and to recall.
Unless  it's a mush feature I don't know about.'

 (2 days ago)     Zerhathos newbies, 'sorry this is only my second play
session, and first mud overall. I just remember it that way.'

 (2 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'oh  its all good.. Some places
will let you quit in the room, but unless it's a mush thing the game
don't normalyl make you recall.'

 (2 days ago)     Darkling newbies, 'Helping someone get started on the
game and they're having trouble getting some of the channels to turn

 (2 days ago)     Darkling newbies, 'She got gossip to turn on by
typing gossip on, but when she tried to turn questlist on, it wouldn't
let her, saying that questlist isn't a valid command, same with the xp

 (1 day ago)      Lyna newbies, 'how do i print sounds from the
soundpack again'

 (1 day ago)      Lyna newbies, 'what's the command'

 (1 day ago)      Morpheus newbies, 'type connect zt and ask there,
that is the channle for that client and I sorry have no idea.'

 (1 day ago)      Lyna newbies, 'ok thank you'

 (1 day ago)      Lyna newbies, 'what is a crafting sampler crate'

 (1 day ago)      Morpheus newbies, 'a crate gift that  will give you
various crafting items like skins ores wood etc.'

 (1 day ago)      Lyna newbies, 'ok, it said mine was empty and
vanished. is it random?'

 (1 day ago)      Morpheus newbies, 'the items should be in your inv..
or maybe you were overlaoded.'

 (1 day ago)      Lyna newbies, 'oh yeah that probably was it thanks'

 (1 day ago)      Darkvamp newbies, 'if you have a hole list of quests,
do you need to do the active ones first to get any exp?'

 (1 day ago)      Tribe newbies, 'no, all will give you exp'

 (1 day ago)      Darkvamp newbies, 'is there a way to change witch
quests are active in your corrent quest list?'

 (1 day ago)      Draak newbies, 'yes'

 (1 day ago)      Morda newbies, 'How useful is trapping?'

 (1 day ago)      Draak newbies, 'not super useful'

 (1 day ago)      Darkvamp newbies, 'anyone know how to do the quest
Collect a ray of sunshine, a spark of enthusiasm, and a silver lining I
went through the portal, and I can fight the grumpy clouds, but they
drop anything'

 (9 hours ago)    Taro newbies, 'i can understand for magic users how
cast level is important, but for a warrior like me, on the long run
what's the best choice? More damage with hr and dr or a bit less but
warr skill level, talking about equipment i mean?'

 (9 hours ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'at low level I would worry more
aobut dam hitr since you will fidn more of that.. Once you get to
archais youc an start looking for hit dam warrskill'

 (9 hours ago)    Taro newbies, 'nods so like, start to worry about
warr skill at level 20 and up?'

 (9 hours ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'if you find it then maybe  use it,
but for the most part most of what you will find will probably jsut be
warrskill or  warrskill dam 1.. Where you might find dam 2 hitr 1.'

 (9 hours ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'I would look anytime, but you will
find more eq with effects to support it around that level and up.'

 (9 hours ago)    Taro newbies, 'ok, thanks'

 (6 hours ago)    Erianka newbies, 'got a choc chip cookie here that
for some reason I  can't eat. ideas please?'

 (6 hours ago)    Tribe newbies, 'iden it'

 (6 hours ago)    Tribe newbies, 'i believe its a frisbee'

 (6 hours ago)    Erianka newbies, 'it says its a big chocolate chip
cookie, then comp, whatever that means. thank you. '

 (6 hours ago)    Tribe newbies, 'composition is what it is made out

 (6 hours ago)    Erianka newbies, 'thanks'

 (6 hours ago)    Tribe newbies, 'it should say Type: Frisbee, your
could try throw cookie tribe'

 (6 hours ago)    Tribe newbies, 'see what happens hehe'


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