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Creation Date: Sat Jun  6 07:19:35 2015
Channel Name:  poet

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 (4 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: heh

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Andi: You reply to Wily, <3

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: hehtell Bago hey there

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: the hell?

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: now I know I didnt type in this
channel recently, gonna refresh this client

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Seneca: ( 0)A dull gray ring lies on the
bottom of the spring.

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Laeg: You tell the clan, hi there, majair

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Shrukin: A prison guard says, Leave me be. I
need my break, I've been working 19 hours straight.

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Weyoun: but that doesn't rhime

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Shrukin: yes it does

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: it kind of does

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Shrukin: it's a slant rhyme

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: if it works in songs...

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Weyoun: break and straight most definitely do
not rhime

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: slant rimes count man

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Shrukin: it's a slant rhyme lol

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Elana: I thought slant rhymes were things
like... grove and love?

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Elana: idk

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: no, what a slant rime is is something
that sounds simmiler to the origional ending word, but isnt exactly
like the origional ending word

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: word

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: break, straight. not exactly alike,
but they sound close enough

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Kehlani: excuse me

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Weyoun: Traditionally, slant rhyme referred to
a type of rhyme in which two words located at the end of a line of
poetry themselves end in similar-but not identical-consonant sounds.
For instance, the words "pact" and slicked" could be slant rhymed. The
term has expanded over time to include additional types of similar
sounds. More precisely, slant rhyme today now includes words whose last
syllables contain assonance ("unpack" and "detach") as well as words
whose last syllables contain final consonants that 

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Weyoun: as well as words whose last syllables
contain final consonants that have consonance ("country" and "contra").

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Lizz: port

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Red: [ppk] Majair: not a war  [ppk] Majair:
its arena 4

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: [bovine] Shryth: 13. [bovine]
Morpheus: keep chasing it up the screan. 

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Shryth: it would almost sound better if you
included Runner's too

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: didnt want it to seem to repetitious

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: bovine] Runner: 13. [bovine] Shryth:
13. [bovine] Morpheus: keep chasing it up the screan. o, I see what you

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Shryth: that last bit just made it better, lol

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: lol, called it an inadvertent stroke
of luck. heheh

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Shryth: [bovine] Runner: That's it. I'm making
a shrine. A gnomish guard says, Ok I will take you into the mine.

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: [bovine] Shryth: now I almost regret
carving the pole, lol

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Shryth: eh... no...

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: well if you have eloquence is

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: it rimed

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Shryth: don't be silly

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: New auction: 'a scribed scroll of cone
of cold', 1000 gold. Rain auctions, old

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Shrukin: rofl

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Cobaleon: Your total fame is now 603. +349k

 (4 months ago)   [poet] Shrukin: lol

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Glader: Natalie **** guys getting mai to share
his pumpkin pie is extremely difficult FYI.

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Glader: bars

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Orion: heh

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: Ravenna says, oh... sad to know..

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: Elana completed custom job 'Recovered
a sample of a Demotaur for the department of demon lore.'

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Elana: heh

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: [bovine] Tux: it just picks a class,
assigns a name, and puts someone in the game

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Glader: [friend] Caroline: i laughed. i cried.
it was a good ride

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: ha. good one

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: [bovine] Draak: which can have blah
[bovine] Rhorae: aha

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Asuka: You tell the clan, cold here too, we
had to turn on the heater for a few 

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: Kethri replied, oh mmk sigh not sure
I can do it from the computer let me try 

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Breloom: v

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Breloom: Wuver tells the group, I could try...
anyone want to die?

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Shrukin: Fighter tells the group, can I hit
for a bit

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Trevon: notify Vortex stole a level 42 soul
from A small troll (freak 64!)

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Kuranes: Altkeeper tells you, shryth says:
it's not the heir to the stairs that would take me there

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Weyoun: lame

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Kuranes: IDK, for something that's randomly
generated, it's not too bad

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Weyoun: but that doens't even rhime

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Kuranes: heir, stairs, there

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Trevon: air, stairs, there.

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Weyoun: heir and stairs do not rhime

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Weyoun: and rofl trevon, it's heir, not air

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Kuranes: it's also rhyme, not rhime

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Weyoun: I was wondering if you would catch

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Trevon: ah well spelling

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Trevon: Bid: 100 gold for a lump of coal.

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: not quite

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Trevon: nods not quite but close

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: wel it didnt save me when I said that

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Shryth: it's a good one

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Shryth: that's because it's you, Jasondo

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: I knew it!

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Trevon: rofl

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Trevon: a large log, a  large log, a plush 
poison-dart frog,

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Trevon: the dried body of a  spider, gate
guard  body armor,

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Trevon: [friend] Deng: there you go. let the
rage flow

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Belloss: oy

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Salandra: can I put out lyrics here too?

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Shryth: are they accidental poems?

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Galadia: only unintentional rymes like it says

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Shryth: I'd throw lyrics on the music channel

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Salandra: oh, there's a music channel? awesome

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Heh: Dec tells the group, sec

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Shran: how is that poet?

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Heh: um, dec and sec

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Heh: rofl

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Demonlady: nah

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Heh: ya

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Fighter: hush hush

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Lenella: no dude

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Shran: but the message is what we look at, so
that doesn't count

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Heh: kk

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Shran: you can't use the name of the poster to
justify it!

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Shran: lol

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Demonlady: yeah it doesn't work like that

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Lenella: actually he can but it still doesn't

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Demonlady: true

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Wuver: not necessarily, there've been pretty
amazing poet things from room descs too. Except... yeah, this one is

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Heh: haha you're so easy to wind up

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Paladin: what would've worked is something
that rhymed with group at the end there

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Fighter: ok you all poeters dile it back

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: [xp] Rhorae: power corrupts. And
occasionally blows up

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: [friend] Hyzenthlay: sight. [friend]
Hyzenthlay: night? lol

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: Zoom chats, great fireball, lighting
bol, 2 or 3 spells only, lol 

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: Darksong tells the group, hi. I love
angel's cry

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Sesuka: You gossip, fresno is like a 3 hour
drive from here, there are huge selebrations at around this time a year

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: from the ari the elf quest, Please
head back there, look at each and bring me back a pair.

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Andi: Alfi auctions, i have 15 winterberrys
that i could sell. if anyone wants them, send a tell

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: Kelsa replied, yeah it didn't let me
send you the tell. Kelsa replied, the hell

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: [event] Galadia: which quest? [event]
Jahmeir: what chest?

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Galadia: not bad. that's pretty close

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: almost right on point, plus it was
lined up perfectly.

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Galadia: yes that's what i said :)

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: Cobaleon shouts, woo, that's new

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Cobaleon: woo, thanks man.

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: You think you can call the following
animals from here: Control:  8 - A swarm of rats Control: 16 - A cloud
of bats

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: You reply to Blackfang, not sure what
else to say. Blackfang replies, it's ok. 

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Laeg: kat

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Laeg: oops

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Kuranes: kat is the Danish word for cat

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Kuranes: and the Danish word for thanks spelt

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Katye: lol

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Lizz: por

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Fighter: pore!

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Gandor: There once was a Fighter, a real
nail-biter, who loved his coffee in a remarkable way. He'd drink it up,
cup after cup, he'd buy out Starbucks before they knew what was up. His
fingers did not jitter for he was not a quitter, however, he did
despise a coffee that was bitter.

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Cobaleon: Very nice.

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Gandor: Oh, Coba, Cobaleon, your name rings a
bell, for you I can smell, a mile away, your hygiene I look at in
dismay, for fungus has definitely won this day.

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Gandor: hrmph

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Gandor: There's fungus among us, the squire
did say, his name is Cobaleon, to all our dismay. Let's grab him and
throw him in the river, if we dare, but dare not, I beg not, do not
touch his lice filled hair.

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Cobaleon: Love it.

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Gandor: heh

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Gandor: :P

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Gandor: How are y'all

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Cobaleon: :)

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Cobaleon: Doing good my friend, thank you.

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Gandor: It's been a rough year, but I'm here.

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Cobaleon: Aw. :P

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Gandor: Likely lost a friend I hold dear, got
sick with back a cold, food poisoning from chicken, made me as sick as
the dickens.

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Cobaleon: oh no

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Gandor: Oh, well.

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Cobaleon: Sad.

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Ronaldo: I once met a man named Gandor. He
tried to sell me a chicken from his van door. I told him no thanks, he
pulled out his shanks, and now I lay weak on the floor.

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Fighter: Jonathon tells the clan, no you
ignored me you stupid bear! Polar tells the clan, wait where!

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: [xp] Red: Better at field of the
grasping dead!

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Red: 4160 xp from An animated hedge

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Katye: andi

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Trevon: Koral newbies, alright, I'm new to

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: notify Shazam stole a level 55 soul
from a boar (freak 64!)

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Red: Cari the baker says, Hello, if there is
anything I can get you please let me know.

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Elana: ',

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Elana: er

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Fighter: shhh

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Elana: New auction: 'a dragon engraved

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Red: Makaylalane tells the clan, deng didn't
die.  it didn't notify

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Sinbad: You clan, back for 38 before you go

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Martin: Lokar: I know this, you know this, but
nobody else knows this :

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: [Lvl Tot  Cl]   New Players
-------------- [  9  13  Nd]   Kyte. [ 11  20  CN]   Blackfang the
queen of the night 

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: [xp] Red: More adept at casting field
of the grasping dead.

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Mailens: Nero tells the group, it was fun
thanks for the run

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Rowroad: [heval] Altkeeper: Serkanal's link:  
Google - Search the world's information, including webpages, images,
videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find
exactly what you're looking for.

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: Gortheer tells the clan, that's...
impossible! All Asians are good in math. Everyone in the world knows

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Mailens: meh nuh

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: [xp] Lokar: its a stabby day, what
can I say

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Emmanuelle: Starwise newbies, What can you do
with red demon hide?

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Emmanuelle: sorry

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Alessandra: is that a poem?

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Emmanuelle: I was supposed to be, but I pasted
the wrong thing.

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Emmanuelle: it was, rather.

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Emmanuelle: notify Mai stole a level 57 soul
from the latokrob queen (freak 16!)

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Alessandra: lol

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: [bovine] Draak: hold out, Mertag, I
bet you can get him all the way to 250k

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Skeliton: notify Addie stole a level 51 soul
from an ice troll (freak 16!)

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Andi: [xp] Red: Better at turning undead.

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Fighter: A Blok Sabat collapses to the ground
with a thud, spewing black blood.

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: Kadian tells the group, we will say hello
to the goat and then kill folk

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Breloom: [bovine] Red: that's what i said

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: rofl

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Elana: [***] Kuranes: that song's so fucking

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Kuranes: woot, poetry!

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: you know what else is fucking long
that rhymes with long?

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Kuranes: things you can, do online now guys

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Elana: weeeee

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Andi: [xp] Gate: Your total fame is now 648.

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Alessandra: rofl

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Katye: pri

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Coyote: ur a pri

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Coyote: oh man this channel will die

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Katye: lol

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: Renee says, come on someone run xp or
quests with mee

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Rowroad: get out

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Emmanuelle: or you're be turned into a trout

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Kuranes: I'm having my doubts

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Kuranes: what are we talking about?

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: not sure, but it rimed... :P

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Kuranes: rhymed*

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: Justified tells the group, need to get

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Andi: Deng clan, i have an awesome tower of
power, mai, wanna give it another try?

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: malificent

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: er

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Fighter: heh

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Emmanuelle: haha

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: yeah, not sure anything rimes with

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: poke != poe

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Alessandra: awesome poetry :p

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Emmanuelle: jellisent, rhymes with melifisent

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Fighter: o yeeh?

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Fighter: o yeh?

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Emmanuelle: yes sir

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Fighter: oi!

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Emmanuelle: hoy

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Majair: i got something i need to tell you,
baby  i love you

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Emmanuelle: iw

 (21 days ago)    [poet] Katye: fen

 (19 days ago)    [poet] Jasondo: [Lvl Tot  Cl]   New Players:
-------------- [  5   5  W ]   Tsuki.  [ 10  14  Wt]   Ultrayukie  

 (19 days ago)    [poet] Emmanuelle: nice

 (19 days ago)    [poet] Deng: not bad. lol

 (19 days ago)    [poet] Jasondo: some of these chars got some odd
names that's for sure

 (19 days ago)    [poet] Deng: my char has an odd name

 (19 days ago)    [poet] Jasondo: not as odd as those two

 (19 days ago)    [poet] Fighter: ur face has an odd name

 (19 days ago)    [poet] Jasondo: lol

 (19 days ago)    [poet] Fighter: but that's ok, being a ritch asian 
makes up for it

 (19 days ago)    [poet] Jasondo: heheh

 (18 days ago)    [poet] Emmanuelle: You feel very sick. arena
Springdruid died to Ultrakick.

 (18 days ago)    [poet] Jasondo: heh, lucky you

 (18 days ago)    [poet] Emmanuelle: love being sick, actually. :)

 (18 days ago)    [poet] Jasondo: guess that also means there's six
additional weeks of winter. bla

 (18 days ago)    [poet] Emmanuelle: Lol!

 (18 days ago)    [poet] Nova: what?

 (18 days ago)    [poet] Jasondo: making a joke, since Springdruid

 (18 days ago)    [poet] Nova: oh

 (17 days ago)    [poet] Trevon: notify Gisella stole a level 58 soul
from a boar (freak 64!)

 (17 days ago)    [poet] Red: [xp] Gate: Your total fame is now 868.

 (16 days ago)    [poet] Trevon: A superior man says, What part of
"solitude" don't you people understand?

 (15 days ago)    [poet] Red: [xp] Gate: Your total fame is now 888.

 (15 days ago)    [poet] Katye: hahha

 (11 days ago)    [poet] Fighter: total 116 (and 34 necro)   HELD,
CRYSTAL ANTI_GOOD NECR , damage 3 to 18 pound needs 18 str. 

 (11 days ago)    [poet] Andi: Deng clan, 6, to help Neil, and others
for area heal, and purge blood

 (10 days ago)    [poet] Deng: [friend] Ploy posted: oy

 (9 days ago)     [poet] Rhorae: Mad Al recovers his morale!

 (9 days ago)     [poet] Elana: weeee

 (6 days ago)     [poet] Ameria: [gate] Gate: hey there is some good
rap out there, its just rare

 (5 days ago)     [poet] Jasondo: [underclocked] Shran: I can

 (1 days ago)     [poet] Wily: Victarion tells the group, anyway bro, I
gotta go. the gym is calling

 (1 days ago)     [poet] Katye: dem

 (1 days ago)     [poet] Elana: You tell the group, fame? Deng tells
the group, same

 (1 days ago)     [poet] Fighter: [friend] Shermanator: i am so nice.
ya gotta say my name twice


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