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Creation Date: Sat Jun  6 07:19:35 2015
Channel Name:  poet

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 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: is it?

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Belloss: Lall tells the clan, Ohh, I see, that
is me.

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: [friend] Rain: donate to the shave an
orphan campaign!

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Trevon: [xp] Dinotare: with  how hard it is to
 spell that name... [xp] Deng: fame

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Rowroad: serk

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Rowroad: erm!

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Wasseem: the jerk 

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Rowroad: cough

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Teros: [bovine] Jasondo: heh, I dont run
groups, I dont run in groups. I mean sure you die more that way but
that's a small price to pay

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: bang, exactly

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: [bovine] Morpheus: stupid reader makes it
sound like bow [bovine] Shryth: that's also how you pronounce it, so
[bovine] Shryth: no

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: [xp] Red: Better at field of the
grasping dead!

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Dinotare: Algaliarept gossips, this char is
for sale, check out board 7 for details

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: You tap your life, and a swarm of blood
red demons fly quickly toward a dwarven housewife!

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Aziz: haut

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Myrel: Mystique tells you, what can i do now?
finished those 3, they look good to me

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Kehlani: Dernan booms, /im @criella b
Altkeeper booms, criella says: I need to pee.

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Dernan: Hey can altkeeper write poetry yet!

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Dernan: /chan stats poet

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Altkeeper: There are 511337 total channel
messages in the database, 343 of which are to channel poet (0.07%). 3
of those were sent in the past hour, 6 in the last day.

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Dernan: :(

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Kehlani: whooo!

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Dernan: /chan top poe

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Altkeeper: The top 5 talkers on poet are: red
(46 messages, 13.26 percent), balbus (20 messages, 5.76 percent),
belloss (20 messages, 5.76 percent), shryth (19 messages, 5.48 percent)
and trevon (14 messages, 4.03 percent).

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Bodmall: Altkeeper booms, altkeeper says: aziz
says: I am being responsible by not going to go wisinvis, but the thing
is totally off about ages and stuff, but you have to be contagious

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Lilmike: [xp] Red: Better at turning undead.

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: wooo

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Andi: Kehlani auctions, lol Kehlani auctions,
you're on a roll

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Kehlani: hehe

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Alixandria: Lional kittycats, brb, going to
drink tea

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: that's better than pee

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Rain: a

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: b

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Dinotare: (friend) Peapod has left the game.

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Dinotare: [bros] Red: ok brb, skype me for xp

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Elana: Creator:           maxx Editors:       

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Fighter: ay walla... ay walla

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: part of a description, A chestnut
colored horse, perhaps seventeen hands high, clomps forward. It has a
pair of white wings, like a pegasus, and the head of eagle, handsome
and regal. 

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: You sense the death of your comrade Flo!
Rowroad tells the group, oh no! You tell the group, it's every day bro
with the disny Flo 

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Wasseem: Darksong tells the group, that was
really junk in the trunk

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: rofl

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Trevon: You don't see anything named 'soul' in
a small black hole.

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: [bros] Serkanal: no

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: simple, but acceptable

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Serkanal: no

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: still trying to figure out what rimes
with orange. heheh

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Lilmike: Sir Torald the White glows with a
bright light!

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Jezrien: notify Red stole a level 54 soul from
a gnoll (freak 64!)

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: woo did i

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: that's good

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: Shaily completed quest 'Defeated the
Intercontinental Barmy Army'

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Alixandria: meh

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Teros: it was girl

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: Wily tells the group, no thanks, I won't
have you dropping my group rank

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Shryth: bad

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: [xp] Red: Much better at field of the
grasping dead!

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: hi

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Altkeeper: Can bots write peotry.

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Altkeeper: poetry*

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: never

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Dearest: .

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Sharinggan: Red group, i want to pee, so brb

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: hawhawhaw!

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Alessandra: [] Kuranes: hit alt+2 [] Odi: woo

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Alessandra: [***] Myrel: if hillary had won, I
doubt much of anything would end up getting done

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Alessandra: weee poetry

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Red: Red haws, law

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Red: [table] Eldrin: oh ray, where did you go

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: [bovine] Eava: I do actually want to
catch a figh I have to end up fighting that would be exciting

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Lilmike: guard

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Andi: Golda tells the clan, i swear this is
not fair

 (2 months ago)   [poet] A terrible winged Demon: what isnt

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Kliro: zor

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Red: [clever] Donald: you made me do, look
what you made me do, look what you just made me do, look what you just
made me, ooh, look what you made me do, look what you made me do, look
what you just made me do, look what you just made me do, ...  (2/2)

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: [bovine] Gilly: your silly

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: [friend] Darksong: lobo. sup bro

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: [clever] Teros: pokemon hoopa-unbound
[clever] Donald: Pokemon not found.

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Red: Clone tells the group, solo it andi Clone
tells the group, dont be lazy

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: where's the rime

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Andi: its a poet because it has my name

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Martin: [clever] Donald: Sex: Sex is A
Sensation.  Driven by Temptation.  A guy sticks his Location  In a
girls Destination.  To increase the Population.  For the next
Generation.  Do you get my Explanation?  or Do you need a

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Andi: Donya teamtalks, /who all Donya
teamtalks, jk lol

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: Woopwoop gossips, I love coffee. Yes I
do! I love coffee. How 'bout you?!

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: lol, like that wasnt obviously

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Giddeon: lol! like he wanted clerification

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: A skeletal spider's bite devastates
an Ostiary knight!

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Serkanal: nope

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: yup

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Serkanal: no dont be unkind please

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Wild: 17:35:34 Sparta: Oh, ok. 17:36:44 Black
Night: K see you some other day.

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Wily: rin

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Wily: errm

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: [giggley] Lafayette: giggle
giggleeeeee [giggley] Lafayette: its meeeeee

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Andi: [xp] Rain: last call for xp before it's
off plane. gr join rain

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: Malificent tells the group, ah ok,
gotta go in a few anyway

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: Andi jerks, dream of serk 

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: Rain shouts, last call for nm4! gr
join rain at nm plane!

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Dinotare: An aged sailor says, the ocean is
grand, but I am glad to be on land 

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Elana: [***] Serkanal: i have pruve you are
gay [***] Fighter: so what do you say

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: 2 minutes ago   Alijay completed quest
'Proved to be lean and mean, by beating them all in the Halloween Havoc
of 2017!'

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: Logan kittycats, not really. How late is
late? How long did the driver take?

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Belloss: [xp] Rain: gr join for nm plane

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Myrel: Eldrin: There was a time when this game
was the shit to me. I think it's cause it took my mud virginity

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Alixandria: [friend] Red: gr join rain before
we go off plane!

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: ha ha ha

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Belloss: Neryll picks up the tattoo and grins
evilly at you!

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: [bovine] Xyth: I love you. *spank* I
really do. father love you, and now you're yellow and blue

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: Sandstorm tells you, yeah, but I have
a  hot spot but not sure if I'll get charged more or not

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Alixandria: Neryll group, bye bye, don't die

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Alixandria: i...does this count? cause I like

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Alixandria: Red group, Frankenstein is tankign
fine, it's us rofl

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Dernan: yes

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Dernan: yes it does

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Dernan: Mathayas group, I was in full tank,
with sanc

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: Grayle drops the Silver Mace of

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: [friend] Blazacon: carving is such
bullshit. I quit.

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Kehlani: Nidoking says to Red, go to bed

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: You are carrying the following 14
items: a handful of different fruits, some large, edible roots, 

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: Logged in players who consider you a
friend:     (mutual) lara (via adara)

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Teros: A foreign cartographer places the
vegetables into the pot, which you now see to be full of boiling water
and chunks of meat. Several red stones sit on the bottom of the pot,
providing the source of the heat.

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Shryth: [friend] Lobo: uh, after u do the
first quest by following the guy in gads, when he sends u to sea side
to get the second quest on the boat ride?

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Ignotus: You kittycat, .urban felhound Donald
kittycats, Word not found.

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: [bovine] Draak: MOAR ROCKS

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Keidyn: meh

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: heh, I've heard worse...

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Ignotus: [*****] Wily: sorry paul, was phone

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Wily: so intentional please get out chap

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: [bovine] Jasondo: I'm with rain, void
botting intirely, no pandora, no vexation [bovine] squeaK: its under

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: [bovine] Rhaegar: don't spam, Blackfang

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: Euron tells the group, do you have the
spell, bell?

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Belloss: [friend] Deng: ok ok. enough restores
for 1 day

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Slej: You reply, I should be in bed but I
really want to put up a chat server instead

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: was that really inadvertent?

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Orion: I'd say so, yes

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Orion: if it wasn't it would have had more of
a four liner or something instead of just that

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: heheh ok, its hard to tell when
someone posts  their own verses someone elses

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Trevon: (friend) Pain has entered the game.

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Trevon: New auction: 'a scribed scroll of cone
of cold', 666 gold.

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: [xp] Nyx: 357k, first soul suck of
the day

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: Smelting pyrolusite ore will yield
manganese. You spend 85 gold coins worth of fuel and service fees.

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: (notify) Vortex stole a level 44 soul
from A wild boar (freak 64!)

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Elana: [underclocked] Jasondo: you'd probably
hear something along those lines down here, especially this time of

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: nice

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: Kuranes flames, war. Runner flames,
These aren't the droids you're looking for.

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Noitcurtser: Pegad the Armorer says, 'Thanks
for helping me to find that shell. You take it and may it serve you

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Trevon: The ship 'Clear' floats on the waves

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: heh

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Andi: You reply to Wily, <3

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: hehtell Bago hey there

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: the hell?

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: now I know I didnt type in this
channel recently, gonna refresh this client

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Seneca: ( 0)A dull gray ring lies on the
bottom of the spring.

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Laeg: You tell the clan, hi there, majair

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Shrukin: A prison guard says, Leave me be. I
need my break, I've been working 19 hours straight.

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Weyoun: but that doesn't rhime

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Shrukin: yes it does

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: it kind of does

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Shrukin: it's a slant rhyme

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: if it works in songs...

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Weyoun: break and straight most definitely do
not rhime

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: slant rimes count man

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Shrukin: it's a slant rhyme lol

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Elana: I thought slant rhymes were things
like... grove and love?

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Elana: idk

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: no, what a slant rime is is something
that sounds simmiler to the origional ending word, but isnt exactly
like the origional ending word

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: word

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: break, straight. not exactly alike,
but they sound close enough

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Kehlani: excuse me

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Weyoun: Traditionally, slant rhyme referred to
a type of rhyme in which two words located at the end of a line of
poetry themselves end in similar-but not identical-consonant sounds.
For instance, the words "pact" and slicked" could be slant rhymed. The
term has expanded over time to include additional types of similar
sounds. More precisely, slant rhyme today now includes words whose last
syllables contain assonance ("unpack" and "detach") as well as words
whose last syllables contain final consonants that 

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Weyoun: as well as words whose last syllables
contain final consonants that have consonance ("country" and "contra").

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Lizz: port

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: [ppk] Majair: not a war  [ppk] Majair:
its arena 4

 (22 days ago)    [poet] Jasondo: [bovine] Shryth: 13. [bovine]
Morpheus: keep chasing it up the screan. 

 (22 days ago)    [poet] Shryth: it would almost sound better if you
included Runner's too

 (22 days ago)    [poet] Jasondo: didnt want it to seem to repetitious

 (22 days ago)    [poet] Jasondo: bovine] Runner: 13. [bovine] Shryth:
13. [bovine] Morpheus: keep chasing it up the screan. o, I see what you

 (22 days ago)    [poet] Shryth: that last bit just made it better, lol

 (22 days ago)    [poet] Jasondo: lol, called it an inadvertent stroke
of luck. heheh

 (22 days ago)    [poet] Shryth: [bovine] Runner: That's it. I'm making
a shrine. A gnomish guard says, Ok I will take you into the mine.

 (22 days ago)    [poet] Jasondo: [bovine] Shryth: now I almost regret
carving the pole, lol

 (22 days ago)    [poet] Shryth: eh... no...

 (22 days ago)    [poet] Jasondo: well if you have eloquence is

 (22 days ago)    [poet] Jasondo: it rimed

 (22 days ago)    [poet] Shryth: don't be silly

 (21 days ago)    [poet] Rhorae: New auction: 'a scribed scroll of cone
of cold', 1000 gold. Rain auctions, old

 (21 days ago)    [poet] Shrukin: rofl

 (21 days ago)    [poet] Cobaleon: Your total fame is now 603. +349k

 (21 days ago)    [poet] Shrukin: lol

 (20 days ago)    [poet] Glader: Natalie **** guys getting mai to share
his pumpkin pie is extremely difficult FYI.

 (20 days ago)    [poet] Glader: bars

 (20 days ago)    [poet] Orion: heh

 (17 days ago)    [poet] Jasondo: Ravenna says, oh... sad to know..

 (16 days ago)    [poet] Rhorae: Elana completed custom job 'Recovered
a sample of a Demotaur for the department of demon lore.'

 (16 days ago)    [poet] Elana: heh

 (15 days ago)    [poet] Jasondo: [bovine] Tux: it just picks a class,
assigns a name, and puts someone in the game

 (15 days ago)    [poet] Glader: [friend] Caroline: i laughed. i cried.
it was a good ride

 (15 days ago)    [poet] Jasondo: ha. good one

 (15 days ago)    [poet] Jasondo: [bovine] Draak: which can have blah
[bovine] Rhorae: aha

 (12 days ago)    [poet] Asuka: You tell the clan, cold here too, we
had to turn on the heater for a few 

 (12 days ago)    [poet] Jasondo: Kethri replied, oh mmk sigh not sure
I can do it from the computer let me try 

 (11 days ago)    [poet] Breloom: v

 (11 days ago)    [poet] Breloom: Wuver tells the group, I could try...
anyone want to die?

 (11 days ago)    [poet] Shrukin: Fighter tells the group, can I hit
for a bit

 (10 days ago)    [poet] Trevon: notify Vortex stole a level 42 soul
from A small troll (freak 64!)

 (9 days ago)     [poet] Kuranes: Altkeeper tells you, shryth says:
it's not the heir to the stairs that would take me there

 (9 days ago)     [poet] Weyoun: lame

 (9 days ago)     [poet] Kuranes: IDK, for something that's randomly
generated, it's not too bad

 (9 days ago)     [poet] Weyoun: but that doens't even rhime

 (9 days ago)     [poet] Kuranes: heir, stairs, there

 (9 days ago)     [poet] Trevon: air, stairs, there.

 (9 days ago)     [poet] Weyoun: heir and stairs do not rhime

 (9 days ago)     [poet] Weyoun: and rofl trevon, it's heir, not air

 (9 days ago)     [poet] Kuranes: it's also rhyme, not rhime

 (9 days ago)     [poet] Weyoun: I was wondering if you would catch

 (9 days ago)     [poet] Trevon: ah well spelling

 (8 days ago)     [poet] Trevon: Bid: 100 gold for a lump of coal.

 (8 days ago)     [poet] Jasondo: not quite

 (8 days ago)     [poet] Trevon: nods not quite but close

 (8 days ago)     [poet] Jasondo: wel it didnt save me when I said that

 (8 days ago)     [poet] Shryth: it's a good one

 (8 days ago)     [poet] Shryth: that's because it's you, Jasondo

 (8 days ago)     [poet] Jasondo: I knew it!

 (8 days ago)     [poet] Trevon: rofl

 (5 days ago)     [poet] Trevon: a large log, a  large log, a plush 
poison-dart frog,

 (5 days ago)     [poet] Trevon: the dried body of a  spider, gate
guard  body armor,

 (4 days ago)     [poet] Trevon: [friend] Deng: there you go. let the
rage flow

 (4 days ago)     [poet] Belloss: oy

 (3 days ago)     [poet] Salandra: can I put out lyrics here too?

 (3 days ago)     [poet] Shryth: are they accidental poems?

 (3 days ago)     [poet] Galadia: only unintentional rymes like it says

 (3 days ago)     [poet] Shryth: I'd throw lyrics on the music channel

 (3 days ago)     [poet] Salandra: oh, there's a music channel? awesome

 (2 days ago)     [poet] Heh: Dec tells the group, sec

 (2 days ago)     [poet] Shran: how is that poet?

 (2 days ago)     [poet] Heh: um, dec and sec

 (2 days ago)     [poet] Heh: rofl

 (2 days ago)     [poet] Demonlady: nah

 (2 days ago)     [poet] Heh: ya

 (2 days ago)     [poet] Fighter: hush hush

 (2 days ago)     [poet] Lenella: no dude

 (2 days ago)     [poet] Shran: but the message is what we look at, so
that doesn't count

 (2 days ago)     [poet] Heh: kk

 (2 days ago)     [poet] Shran: you can't use the name of the poster to
justify it!

 (2 days ago)     [poet] Shran: lol

 (2 days ago)     [poet] Demonlady: yeah it doesn't work like that

 (2 days ago)     [poet] Lenella: actually he can but it still doesn't

 (2 days ago)     [poet] Demonlady: true

 (2 days ago)     [poet] Wuver: not necessarily, there've been pretty
amazing poet things from room descs too. Except... yeah, this one is

 (2 days ago)     [poet] Heh: haha you're so easy to wind up

 (2 days ago)     [poet] Paladin: what would've worked is something
that rhymed with group at the end there

 (2 days ago)     [poet] Fighter: ok you all poeters dile it back


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