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Creation Date: Sat Jun  6 07:19:35 2015
Channel Name:  poet

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 (3 months ago)   [poet] Alixandria: 2 cupcakes

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Alessandra: a cookie

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Alessandra: a batch of this cookie dip that
I'm making on tuesday

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Gortheer: Round with cream or swaths of
mystery, sit consumables like bulky bags of virtual impossibility. None
can be reached, all can be written. Packing pens to ink a treat, one
which I'll eat without any form of mastication. A character on a
keyboard, winner of a cookie or cupcake locked in unreality. 

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Gortheer: It's a poetry channel or whatever,

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Gortheer: :P

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Alessandra: wooooo

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Wily: Serkanal tells the group, hmm where to
go. Randi tells the group, wily sno 

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Sorana: New auction: 'a scribed scroll of cone
of cold', 500 gold.

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Randi: Jonathon tells the group, take us to
vine Red tells the group, ok fine

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Taashi: A heavenly garden full of flowers and
trees. ( 0)A chunk of honeycomb lies here attracting bees.

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Llwynog: beautiful

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Cobaleon: love it

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Llwynog: you should've removed the size thing
though :P

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Llwynog: A heavenly garden full of flowers and
trees. A chunk of honeycomb lies here attracting bees.

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Taashi: yeah that

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: (bang) Serkanal: wo bro only 100 mil to

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Shryth: [phoenix] Rhaegar: hey,  hey [phoenix]
Rhaegar: I tried okay

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: sle

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: er

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Slej: hah

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Hadvarg: tra

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Rockstorm: Acaelus tells the group, if I
remember how to do it. I sorta had someone run me through it

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Gandalff: Rand tells the group, ok my clay is

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Belloss: [treehouse] Altkeeper: belloss says:
granted I got to listen to my main. [treehouse] Altkeeper: shryth says:
Odinwrath can sit in the London rain

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Balbus: [treehouse] Shryth: OMG, give me tea!

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: notify Ella stole a level 34 soul from A
wild boar (freak 64!)

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Aziz: Rhorae booms, play this alt until I get
my areas out in a month or two Rhorae booms, then donya will have new
stuff to do

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Wily: gorth

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Wily: erm

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Kehlani: [xp] Wez: nice bro [xp] Serkanal: go

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Aedraa: bad

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Kehlani: it rhymes shut

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Kehlani: !

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Aedraa: whaat

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: Draak: Natchsburg was insanely
complicated to orchestrate, do not attempt to emulate

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: woo

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Cobaleon: You tell Keldio, and here comes this
fool, that tries to stop you. That's not cool.

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Teros: [xp] Nitebringer: you don't have to
freaken announce your winnings to everyone on this chan, make another
channel for that crap man

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: [tipos] Golda: Rain tells the group, my
abd, correction bad

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Jezrien: get out

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Cobaleon: Draeand clan, Well, I'm one bored

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Andi: [friend] Fion: Woot Mison

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: Andi tells the group, man I love my clan 

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: that's buetiful

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Andi: <3 ass

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: tap that ass

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: Someone chats, IMHO games that sell too
much stuff end up breaking the gameplay, and we're in it for that, not
for the cash

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Trevon: Ultimate tells the group, well, gtg
anyway, i am lagging ever since we've started in takar. beback later

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Wily: beam

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Wily: erm

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Lilmike: seem

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Cobaleon: steam

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Goran: beam and erm do not rime!

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Wily: notify Asclepius stole a level 58 soul
from A two-headed troll (freak 64!)

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Kehlani: notify Algaliarept stole a level 52
soul from Morgin the drunk (freak 64!) [xp] Raman: woot no  drinking

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Trevon: Trevon tells the clan, learned gc 2
days ago and I got like 10 sanc ina  row

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Hadvarg: Xyra tells the group, let's die in
the angel's cry

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Bodmall: Riddle kittycats, I have tuesdays and
thursdays perty much free. the rest I'm busy from 10 to 3.

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Woof: [outside] Altkeeper: altkeeper says: red
says: don't give heads

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Alixandria: [friend] Fighter: that's how it's
done, son

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Dinotare: Gortheer tells the clan, hey,

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Aziz: whaht

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Dinotare: :P shows you who knows how my name
pronounced and who doesn't

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Aziz: still

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: yeah that dont work, plus not sure if
free verse counts here. :P

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Aziz: I know it's is dino tare

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: hawhwa, blame the computer for that

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Balbus: naw

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: /chan top poet

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Altkeeper: The top 5 talkers on poet are: red
(26 messages, 10.88 percent), shryth (19 messages, 7.95 percent),
balbus (15 messages, 6.28 percent), wily (14 messages, 5.86 percent)
and jasondo (9 messages, 3.77 percent).

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Balbus: This isn't from Alter Aeon, but I just
had to share.

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Balbus: For a top, you are wearing a black
vest with 'Infinity' embroidered on the left breast over a clean white
silk shirt with a red dragon embroidered on the chest.

 (3 months ago)   [poet] Red: [indonesian] Pail: ok did i faild

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: You tell the group, it was built
stupidly way back when, and the only way to fix it would be to force
everyone to have to do it again

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: no that was not intentiona

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: l

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Darquesse: !  !

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Serkanal: test

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Wasseem: notify Megawolf stole a level 53 soul
from a troll (freak 16!)

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Red: [wily] Lokar: but its still only 25 hp so

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Belloss: isn't hp an abbriviation for

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Red: yeah but he didn't say healthpoints

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Belloss: who would write healthpoints when you
can write hp

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Red: Virtuoso

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Belloss: well he's an exception to everything

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Belloss: so what you're actually rhyming is
healthpoints with whatever. 

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Red: but you just said who will say
healthpoints if you can hp

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Belloss: but hp stands for healthpoints

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Serkanal: uh

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Red: yeah, but in poetry it's what is said is
more important

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Belloss: but you don't have a poetic licence

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Red: I do have a BA in Creative writing, that
does mean something  I think :P

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Belloss: are you a recognized poet? 

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Belloss: yes, it means you passed your
creative writing exam.

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Belloss: :p

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Red: I had no exams

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Red: it was all creative work

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Belloss: do you realize why I'm doing this? :p

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Red: no

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Galadia: Uli tells the group, yes mam I am

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Red: yes mam, I am, sam is who i am, do you
like green eggs and ham?

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Galadia: :P

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Dinotare: Serkanal tells the group, get munny
from your family bro best way to go

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Randi: Laeg tells the clan, mk serk, i'm gonna
switch to merc

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Taashi: You gossip, yeah lets leave WWE to
WWE. Warning - dread portent will fall in 3.

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: (bang) Red: ok time to go bed

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Andi: You tell the group, woooo cap  Raman
tells the group, stab

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Red: [heval] Serkanal: my dick wont wake up
with anal 

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Serkanal: fuck you

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Kensei: put that in the disclamer

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Serkanal: no wtf

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: Aziz: o my bad, I mixed you up with my
friend brad

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Trevon: heh

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Dinotare: Ignotus kittycats, it's an older
version but it works great, just tell it to not update

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Wasseem: [xp] Splat: better at static blast!

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Belloss: [salem] Wasseem: sec will chek 

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Belloss: Neryll tells the group, kk, the next
corpses no sac please, they contain keys

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Belloss: Neryll tells the group, here is the
lord, give him the sword

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Wasseem: Snoopdogg tells the clan, stab stab
stab, steal steal steal, brew brew brew Snoopdogg tells the clan,
that's all i do

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Wasseem: ug 

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Red: Tamayo tells the group, brb i got to pee

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Red: Rhaegar tells the clan, ooh, can I join

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Rhorae: [alchemy] Malificent: woohoo, got a
level 74 heal brew!

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Paladin: New auction: 'a scribed scroll of
cone of cold', 1 gold.

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Paladin: New auction: 'a scribed scroll of
cone of cold', 1 gold.

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Paladin: erm, sorry

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Serkanal: weak

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Paladin: ur weak

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Noitcurtser: Pegad the Armorer says, 'Thanks
for helping me to find that shell.You take it and may it serve you

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Belloss: You pat Red on her pretty little

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Red: haha

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Dernan: Stewie kittycats, I'vel ove jeans
without those annoying seems

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Trevon: Oiox gossips, Darn it, for some
reason, when I train my cons, I keep getting mv instead of hp, and when
I do get hp, I get 3!

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Cobaleon: love it

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Fighter: ok

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Trevon: Above the bed, a candelabra burns a
vibrant red. 

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Wasseem: Lidia tells the clan, stop being jerk
and give me a dirk

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Noitcurtser: roflmao

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Wasseem: notify Pytho stole a level 52 soul
from the prospector bee queen (freak 16!)

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Nova: [friend] Vider: the druid's house is
straight south from the wp, enter the tree

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: [Lvl Tot  Cl]   New Players
-------------- [ 11  18  Mn]   Kartina   [ 13  27  Mc]   Carlina  

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Elana: taken from the jobs leaderboard

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Elana: 41 - Morty               1140

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Belloss: Neryll gives you a freshwater pearl.
You give a freshwater pearl to a pretty Aztec girl.

 (2 months ago)   [poet] Trevon: [friend] Slash: ouch! it won't reach
my mouth! if i could do it myself I'd prob'ly never leave the house

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: [xp] Woem: better cone

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: [ppk] Noitcurtser: I just say, druids
rock in pk

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Erebus: You tell the group, then set align

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Balbus: No poeting yourself durpface!

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Erebus: why

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Alixandria: I say own it

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Balbus: Caue it's better if someone else poets

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Erebus: but they don't know

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Erebus: and is even more stupid to gt poet me
poet me

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Erebus: poet me bros!

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: Balbus gossips, Yeah, include a Red this
time instead.

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Balbus: !!!

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Fighter: I was going to

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Sharinggan: Amaya group, can we try not to die

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Zanthian: [friend] Gortheer: storing gets
boring. lol

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Trevon: [xp] Lall: more adept greater
fireball, twice

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: is it?

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Belloss: Lall tells the clan, Ohh, I see, that
is me.

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: [friend] Rain: donate to the shave an
orphan campaign!

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Trevon: [xp] Dinotare: with  how hard it is to
 spell that name... [xp] Deng: fame

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Rowroad: serk

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Rowroad: erm!

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Wasseem: the jerk 

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Rowroad: cough

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Teros: [bovine] Jasondo: heh, I dont run
groups, I dont run in groups. I mean sure you die more that way but
that's a small price to pay

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: bang, exactly

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: [bovine] Morpheus: stupid reader makes it
sound like bow [bovine] Shryth: that's also how you pronounce it, so
[bovine] Shryth: no

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: [xp] Red: Better at field of the
grasping dead!

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Dinotare: Algaliarept gossips, this char is
for sale, check out board 7 for details

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: You tap your life, and a swarm of blood
red demons fly quickly toward a dwarven housewife!

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Aziz: haut

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Myrel: Mystique tells you, what can i do now?
finished those 3, they look good to me

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Kehlani: Dernan booms, /im @criella b
Altkeeper booms, criella says: I need to pee.

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Dernan: Hey can altkeeper write poetry yet!

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Dernan: /chan stats poet

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Altkeeper: There are 511337 total channel
messages in the database, 343 of which are to channel poet (0.07%). 3
of those were sent in the past hour, 6 in the last day.

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Dernan: :(

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Kehlani: whooo!

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Dernan: /chan top poe

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Altkeeper: The top 5 talkers on poet are: red
(46 messages, 13.26 percent), balbus (20 messages, 5.76 percent),
belloss (20 messages, 5.76 percent), shryth (19 messages, 5.48 percent)
and trevon (14 messages, 4.03 percent).

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Bodmall: Altkeeper booms, altkeeper says: aziz
says: I am being responsible by not going to go wisinvis, but the thing
is totally off about ages and stuff, but you have to be contagious

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Lilmike: [xp] Red: Better at turning undead.

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: wooo

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Andi: Kehlani auctions, lol Kehlani auctions,
you're on a roll

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Kehlani: hehe

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Alixandria: Lional kittycats, brb, going to
drink tea

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: that's better than pee

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Rain: a

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: b

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Dinotare: (friend) Peapod has left the game.

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Dinotare: [bros] Red: ok brb, skype me for xp

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Elana: Creator:           maxx Editors:       

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Fighter: ay walla... ay walla

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: part of a description, A chestnut
colored horse, perhaps seventeen hands high, clomps forward. It has a
pair of white wings, like a pegasus, and the head of eagle, handsome
and regal. 

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: You sense the death of your comrade Flo!
Rowroad tells the group, oh no! You tell the group, it's every day bro
with the disny Flo 

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Wasseem: Darksong tells the group, that was
really junk in the trunk

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: rofl

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Trevon: You don't see anything named 'soul' in
a small black hole.

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: [bros] Serkanal: no

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: simple, but acceptable

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Serkanal: no

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: still trying to figure out what rimes
with orange. heheh

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Lilmike: Sir Torald the White glows with a
bright light!

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jezrien: notify Red stole a level 54 soul from
a gnoll (freak 64!)

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: woo did i

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: that's good

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: Shaily completed quest 'Defeated the
Intercontinental Barmy Army'

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Alixandria: meh

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Teros: it was girl

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: Wily tells the group, no thanks, I won't
have you dropping my group rank

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Shryth: bad

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: [xp] Red: Much better at field of the
grasping dead!

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: hi

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Altkeeper: Can bots write peotry.

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Altkeeper: poetry*

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: never

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Dearest: .

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Sharinggan: Red group, i want to pee, so brb

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Jasondo: hawhawhaw!

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Alessandra: [] Kuranes: hit alt+2 [] Odi: woo

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Alessandra: [***] Myrel: if hillary had won, I
doubt much of anything would end up getting done

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Alessandra: weee poetry

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: Red haws, law

 (1 months ago)   [poet] Red: [table] Eldrin: oh ray, where did you go

 (19 days ago)    [poet] Jasondo: [bovine] Eava: I do actually want to
catch a figh I have to end up fighting that would be exciting

 (19 days ago)    [poet] Lilmike: guard

 (17 days ago)    [poet] Andi: Golda tells the clan, i swear this is
not fair

 (17 days ago)    [poet] A terrible winged Demon: what isnt

 (15 days ago)    [poet] Kliro: zor

 (13 days ago)    [poet] Red: [clever] Donald: you made me do, look
what you made me do, look what you just made me do, look what you just
made me, ooh, look what you made me do, look what you made me do, look
what you just made me do, look what you just made me do, ...  (2/2)

 (13 days ago)    [poet] Rhorae: [bovine] Gilly: your silly

 (12 days ago)    [poet] Jasondo: [friend] Darksong: lobo. sup bro

 (12 days ago)    [poet] Rhorae: [clever] Teros: pokemon hoopa-unbound
[clever] Donald: Pokemon not found.

 (7 days ago)     [poet] Red: Clone tells the group, solo it andi Clone
tells the group, dont be lazy

 (7 days ago)     [poet] Jasondo: where's the rime

 (7 days ago)     [poet] Andi: its a poet because it has my name

 (7 days ago)     [poet] Martin: [clever] Donald: Sex: Sex is A
Sensation.  Driven by Temptation.  A guy sticks his Location  In a
girls Destination.  To increase the Population.  For the next
Generation.  Do you get my Explanation?  or Do you need a

 (3 days ago)     [poet] Andi: Donya teamtalks, /who all Donya
teamtalks, jk lol

 (16 hours ago)   [poet] Rhorae: Woopwoop gossips, I love coffee. Yes I
do! I love coffee. How 'bout you?!

 (16 hours ago)   [poet] Jasondo: lol, like that wasnt obviously

 (16 hours ago)   [poet] Giddeon: lol! like he wanted clerification

 (3 hours ago)    [poet] Jasondo: A skeletal spider's bite devastates
an Ostiary knight!

 (3 hours ago)    [poet] Serkanal: nope

 (3 hours ago)    [poet] Jasondo: yup

 (3 hours ago)    [poet] Serkanal: no dont be unkind please


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