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Alter Aeon FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ 10.1 - Why isnt there a 'protection from good' spell?

For exactly the same reason there isn't a 'detect good' spell, or a 'conceal good' spell. The short answer is that evil and good, while somewhat balanced against each other, are not exact opposites. Evil is not a mirror reflection of good, and as a result good can do things that evil cannot. The converse is also true. Specifically, in the world of Alter Aeon, evil has most of the powerful magical artifacts. Evil is also much, much easier to sense than good, and the 'detect evil' spell is very low level cleric. The gods have also granted protection from evil to most clerics. Good characters on the other hand, lack many of the more powerful items and magical talismans, and their numbers are much smaller. Despite their advantages over evil, the life of a good aligned character can be hard. In the future, the balances of power between evil and good may shift - but understand that they will never be opposites and they will never be symmetrical. They will always have different powers and abilities.

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