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FAQ 12.4 - How do I use the first part of the editor? (enter mode)

When you first enter the editor, your prompt will turn into a ']' (right bracket). This is called "enter mode", where you can enter the raw text you want in your description. Anything you enter here will be what your description says, do not type any editing commands. If you need to use an edit command while you're still in enter mode, you can simply add a '/' (forward slash) before the command. As in the examples: /format 72 Would tell the editor to format ALL of your post at 72 character width. /show Would show you what you've written so far, with line numbers before each line. You don't have to use the slash character to send commands while you're in enter mode, you will automatically enter edit mode after you're finished typing. You can tell the mud you're done by typing the '@' (at sign) symbol. Your prompt will turn into "edit>", and you will move into the next section!

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