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FAQ 12.5 - How do I use the second part of the editor? (edit mode)

This is the "edit mode", where you prompt has turned into "edit>". This mode is very important, and allows you to format things, change line numbers, and fix typos if you made any. It also allows you to delete lines and basically manage your text. There is a help page for the editor available if you type "help 3.editor", but the basic commands are as follows: show Show you what you've entered, with line numbers on the side. format Format your entire post at the default width, which is 76 characters. Remember - the formatter will put lines of text together in one paragraph, unless they are separated by an extra (completely blank) line. look Show you what you've entered without line numbers. delete <line number> Delete a specific line number. You can also specify two numbers to delete all of the lines in between them. insert <line number> append <line number> These two commands will put you in enter mode before (as in insert) or after (as in append) a given line number, so that you can enter more text. change <line number> Change a given line number to whatever you type after the line number. Example: "change 5 has dark hair." quit Quit the editor, and tell the mud you're completely finished with your description. parse This command will bypass the editor entirely, and send a command to the mud. If you wanted to nod while still in edit mode, you could type "parse nod". All of these commands can be abbreviated. Additionally, all of these commands can be used from "enter mode" simply by prepending what you want with a '/' (forward slash).

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