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Alter Aeon FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ 15.3 - How can I find an area that needs to be built?

If you want to build an area, you can't just propose the first thing that comes to mind or the first thing that sounds cool. New areas need to meet several criteria: 1) Your area must be needed, and it must have a purpose. For example, your area may fill out an empty place in the world map, or your area may provide low level experience for players on an island without many area options. If you just want to build an area because it would be cool, that's not good enough. 2) Your area needs a place to live. This means that you have to know where it will go, or reasonable places where it can go, on the world map. If you're blind and having trouble with that, another builder or sighted player may be able to help. Remember that your area may have to be different levels depending on where it is placed - areas on the islands may be limited to below level 30, while the same area placed on the mainland might need to be level 35 to fit in a specific location. 3) Your area has to make sense in it's new home. You can't put an ocean in the middle of the ash mountains, and you can't put a vast desert on a newbie island.

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