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Alter Aeon FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ Section 2 - Donations and services

Question 2.1 - Master Price List and Index Prices are listed in US dollars and in-game credits. Note that you may be able to trade for credits in game instead of sending in cash. Faq 2.6 - Credit Prices 1,000 In-game credits - $ 10.00 2,500 In-game credits - $ 25.00 5,000 In-game credits - $ 50.00 10,500 In-game credits - $ 100.00 (5% extra) 21,250 In-game credits - $ 200.00 (6% extra) 55,000 In-game credits - $ 500.00 (10% extra) 112,500 In-game credits - $1000.00 (12% extra) 230,000 In-game credits - $2000.00 (15% extra) Faq 2.7 - Creating a New Clan Create a new clan - 250 credits Faq 2.8 - Clans Create a new clan - 250 credits Clan dues - 10 credits and up Additional clan rooms - 100 credits Create clan trader - 1000 credits Create clan mob - 1000 credits Clan equipment restrings - 1000 credits Clan bank flag - 1000 credits Clan forge - 1000 credits Clan eq storage - 1000 credits to enable Clan recall strings - 1000 credits Extra bulletin boards - 1000 credits each Sorting tables - 1000 credits each Start a clan war - 50 credits Faq 2.9 - Object Restrings Object/Item restrings - 1000 credits Faq 2.10 - Custom Player Strings Ground/sleep/rest string - 1000 credits Recall strings - 2000 credits Fire spell colors - 1000 credits Crystal spell colors - 1000 credits Lightning spell colors - 1000 credits Faq 2.12 - Weightless Containers Weightless containers - 2500 credits Weightless merging - 1000 credits Weightless splitting - 1000 credits Weightless expansions - 100 credits minimum Faq 2.13 - Character Conveniences Buy one practice - 250 credits Extra eqset slots - 400 credits each Extra brewset slots - 300 credits each Extra aliases - 50 credits for 10 aliases Buy a death card - 200 credits Swap two stats - 250 credits Reset combat tactics - 100 credits Private banking - 1000 credits per year Detect/protect spellup - 25 credits Change weight/height - 100 credits Faq 2.14 - Private Storage Lockers Storage locker rental - 100 credits for two weeks Faq 2.15 - Miscellaneous Channel notimeout - 100 credits per month Map expansions - 1000 credits per year Player shop rent - 1000 credits per million gold of rent Open a player shop - (various prices based on shop location) Boat repair - 100 credits minimum Reforge an item - (various prices based on item) Restore - 100 credits to restore everyone on the game Nosacrifice flag - 50 credits to make an item unsaccable Faq 2.16 - Equipment Transfers Unbind an item - 2000 credits Faq 2.17 - Character Transfers Move to other account - 2000 credits Faq 2.18 - Account Transfers Sell/transfer account - 5000 credits
Question 2.2 - Why donate to the game? Alter Aeon is a custom developed mud, and we accept donations to help keep us on the net and open to all players. Without your support, we probably wouldn't be here. Naturally, we don't expect you to go unrewarded for your donation. A number of different things can be had for your donation. See the other FAQ pages for lists of available options.
Question 2.3 - How can I send a donation? The quickest and easiest way to make a donation, and get your credits instantly, is to log into your account on the web at: Once you're logged in, click the 'Donate' link. To donate and get credits using PayPal, please see: With PayPal, please allow 1-2 days for processing. For paper mail or personal checks, please send donations to: Dentinmud Internet Services 6709 McPherson Blvd, First Floor Pittsburgh, PA 15208, USA When you send your donation, please let us know which character you are so we know where to deliver the credits. Thanks for playing!
Question 2.4 - So what can I get for my donation? The general rule of thumb is that we won't give out anything that gives you a permanent edge in the game over other players, but that's subject to interpretation. For example, you can't buy hitpoints, eq, or exp - but you can buy practices, weightless containers, and storage lockers. Some of the things we do offer: Clan dues, rooms, and decorations - 100 credits and up Item and player string changes - 1000 credits and up Practices - 250 credits Storage lockers - 100 credits and up Weightless containers - 2500 credits, expansions are extra Before you send any money, make sure you read the FAQ pages on donations! The FAQ can be accessed in-game with the 'faq' command, or on the web at
Question 2.5 - What can't I buy? You can't buy things that will directly advance your character, for example hitpoints, mana, powerful equipment, or experience. In short, you can't buy things that would give you a large unfair advantage over other players.
Question 2.6 - In-game Credits In-game credits are used to purchase all of the things listed in this 'donations' faq. You can trade credits with other players at any time. The conversion rate is 100 Credits per Dollar for small transactions. If you buy in bulk, you can get a bit more: 1,000 In-game credits - $ 10.00 2,500 In-game credits - $ 25.00 5,000 In-game credits - $ 50.00 10,500 In-game credits - $ 100.00 (5% extra) 21,250 In-game credits - $ 200.00 (6% extra) 55,000 In-game credits - $ 500.00 (10% extra) 112,500 In-game credits - $1000.00 (12% extra) 230,000 In-game credits - $2000.00 (15% extra) All values are in US dollars. If we have to do currency conversion, please add a reasonable amount to cover conversion fees and processing. You can use the residual to buy small items or gold from other players. Once you have credits, you can use them to buy anything on the donation lists. For example, you could use 1000 credits to buy a ground string, or you could trade 1000 credits to another player, which the other player could use to buy a ground string. While credits can be used to buy anything on the donation list, they cannot be converted back into dollars. They must either be spent in game or traded to other players.
Question 2.7 - Creating new clans To create a new clan, you can use the 'credit buy clan' command. The price is 250 credits, and on creation there 250k gold will be deposited into dues. You will be added to the clan as an owner, and you'll be the only member. You should be able to add new people and change clan settings after that. For a brand new clan, this 250k will only last about a week - make sure you read the help pages on clans and how to reduce clan dues costs before creating your clan.
Question 2.8 - Clan related donations Clan elders can buy several different things for their clan: Clan gold (dues only) - 1000 credits per 1 million gold Clan bank flag - 1000 credits Clan forge - 1000 credits Clan eq storage - 1000 credits Extra bulletin boards - 1000 credits each Sorting tables - 1000 credits each Additional clan rooms - 100 credits per room Add decorative clan mob - 1000 credits Setup/rename clan trader - 1000 credits one-time setup fee Clan equipment restrings - 1000 credits per item, up to eight total (eq restrings require a trader) Clan recall strings - 1000 credits Start a clan war - 50 credits Clan equipment renames existing objects only, with one specific object type and wear location. Your clan may have up to 16 of these objects. Clan equipment strings are subject to admin approval, since they are seen by everyone. See the 'credit buy' command for details on how to buy clan things. Other things to keep in mind: - Clans can only have 50 million gold in dues. - You can't buy gold for the clan account, only dues. - You can use 'credit buy clan' to start a clan using credits instead of gold. - The clan room fee is a setup fee to allow your clan to create the extra room. Clan dues do not increase until you actually create the room using the 'set room create' command. See 'help clan area' and 'help credit buy' for more information.
Question 2.9 - Custom Object Strings Changing the strings on an item changes the following four strings: Name: 'sword sub-issue sub' Inventory: 'a sub-issue sword' Ground: 'A sub-issue sword lies on the ground here.' Long desc: (this is what you see when you look at the item) Restringing a single item costs 1000 credits, and only includes those four strings. Wear, wield, and other strings can not be set on a per-item basis. Restrictions on strings: All strings have to be somewhat in theme with the mud, or not so obviously out of place that they are annoying. As an example, "Jerk's fifty page porno mag" would be an unacceptable weapon name. In general, inventory strings can NOT include color tags. If you think you have an exception, do the following: 1) Make sure you only have ONE color change. 'a flaming green longsword' MIGHT be acceptable. 'a flaming green and blue longsword' is totally unacceptable. 2) Make sure your item has a damned good reason for being colored. Just saying 'but its a green ring with a red gem in it' isn't sufficient. A longsword dripping bright green flames when drawn might be ok. 3) Convince Dentin that your item has a good reason to be colored. In general, assume Dentin will disagree with you and deny your request. Remember, we're trying to keep with the theme of the game, so don't ask for obviously stupid restrings!
Question 2.10 - Custom Player Strings There are seven types of strings that are settable on players: Ground string - 1000 credits Sleep string - 1000 credits Rest string - 1000 credits Recall strings - 1000 credits Fire spell colors - 1000 credits Crystal spell colors - 1000 credits Lightning spell colors - 1000 credits Restrictions on strings: All strings have to be somewhat in theme with the mud, or not so obviously out of place that they are annoying. Character strings should also have your characters' name in them. Specifically, something like: Duke Nukem stands before you with his rocket launcher in hand. would be totally unacceptable for a player named 'jed'. It would also be unacceptable for players 'duke' and 'nukem' as well due to context. All strings MUST contain the full, proper, and capitalized name of the player. Other players must be able to identify a player from the ground string. You cannot select a ground string that looks like a common object, for example corpses. Ground, rest, sleep, and recall strings may be a different color than the default. They may not contain color changes inside the string. Spell colors are a special customization for various mage spells. You can pick one of several colors for these spells when they are cast. See for example 'credit buy firecolor' for details and cost. Note that fight strings are no longer available for purchase. They caused too many issues with quests and game mechanics, even for the few that were requested.
Question 2.11 - Player renames and name swapping It is no longer possible to rename or swap character names. Choose your player name wisely!
Question 2.12 - Weightless containers For 2500 credits, you can purchase a 'weightless' container. There are several different available names for weightlesses, and you can pick from the available strings when you make your purchase. All of these containers have zero weight regardless of what you put in them! They start off holding 500 pounds, and can be expanded later using credits. To buy a weightless: 2500 credits - 500 pound capacity Expansions are: 500 credits - 100 pound expansion Renames are: 1000 credits - restring a weightless container (keyword changes are free) Mudmail restrings to Dentin for approval. Container merging and splitting: 1000 credits - merge two weightlesses into one 1000 credits - split one weightless into two (minimum 500 pounds each) All containers are size 50 and should hold nearly any sized thing, so long as the weight capacity is not exceeded. Note also that we can't guarantee the existance of any restrung objects if you don't take care of them. Weightless containers can usually be restored from backup if something truly terrible occurs, but don't risk it by leaving your container on the ground!
Question 2.13 - Character Conveniences There are several things you can buy that directly affect your character or make repetitive tasks easier: - practices - 250 credits each Generally, you get more than enough practices from leveling or buying them with experience, but occasionally it can be convenient to spend leftover credits to buy practices for a new spell or skill. - detect and protect spellup - 25 credits This gives your character a spellup of nearly every protection and detection spell available. In total, around 20 spells are cast on your character. See 'help spellup' for more information. - swap two stats - 250 credits This allows you to swap the values of two of your stats, for example wisdom and charisma. This is typically only used when a player wants to change the focus of a character and try a different play style, but lacks the practices to train up all stats. - eqset slots - 400 credits each Eqset slots help you manage your equipment and inventory. Characters start with four eqset slots by default, but some players prefer to use more than four. See 'help eqset' for more details. - brewset slots - 300 credits each Brewset slots help you manage potions and potion recipes when brewing. See 'help brewset' for more details. - tactics reset - 100 credits to clear and reset combat tactics Use this option if you're not happy with the combat tactics your character ended up with, or if you want to reset your tactics to take advantage of new skills that were added after your character was created. - extra aliases - 50 credits for 10 aliases By default, players get a lot of aliases and very rarely need more than the default number. If you need more, you have to buy them. - get-out-of-death-free cards - 200 credits each These cards rescue you from the brink of death, and each card can only be used once. See 'help deathcard' for more information. - private banking - 1000 credits per year If you have private banking, you can use the gold bank from anywhere in the game, at any time. This allows you to save gold as soon as you get it, instead of having to go back to a town to deposit it.
Question 2.14 - Storage lockers For 2000 credits per year (100 credits for 18 days), you can purchase a storage locker. This locker is usable from your recall, and provides convenient sorted lists, get and put commands, as well as the ability to enter the locker and sort your equipment on the ground without the fear of losing items. You can only purchase locker space up to a maximum of ten years worth of time. Note that if you put more than 1000 items in your locker, the rental price goes up. You can test drive the storage system for a month using the 'storage activate' command. This will give you a one month trial period in which you can use your locker. When the trial period runs out, you will still be able to retrieve your equipment from the locker, but you won't be able to add anything new. (We wouldn't want you to lose your equipment!) Clan elders can also enable a clan storage locker using the 'credit buy clanstorage' command. Once the locker is enabled, it is paid for out of standard clan dues (there is no charge if your clan locker is empty.)
Question 2.15 - Miscellaneous items There are several miscellaneous items available: - channel notimeout, used to prevent channels from being deleted - map expansions, for larger dclient maps - open a player shop - player shop rent, if you're having a hard time with your shop - make a seafaring boat indestructible, so it won't need repairs - reforge and item to change its stats - restore other players on the game - make items unsaccable Private player channels are subject to deletion if they aren't used frequently enough. You can buy a notimeout flag to prevent them from being destroyed even if you don't use them. You can buy channel time using the 'credit buy channel' command. For players using the dclient or the built-in map commands, you can buy map upgrades that make your map history bigger. As you explore new areas, your character gradually forgets areas that you explored a long time ago. These upgrades increase number of areas and rooms your character can remember. You can buy map upgrades using the 'credit buy map' command. For players wishing to run an item shop, you can open the store and pay shop rent using credits instead of gold. See 'credit buy shoprent' and 'credit buy playershop' for details. If you enjoy using boats, you can buy temporary indestructibility for your boat using 'credit buy boat'. If you'd like to reforge your equipment, you can use credits instead of gold with the 'credit buy reforge' command. If you're feeling charitable, you can buy a restore for everyone on the game with the 'credit buy restore' command. You can also buy a restore on behalf of your clan to help advertise your clan. If you wish to protect items you value from being sacrificed, you can buy a 'nosac' flag via 'credit buy nosac'.
Question 2.16 - Equipment Transfers Equipment that is bound to a player or to an account may be temporarily unbound so that it can be sold to another player. Before the other player can use it, the item must be rebound to that player or, if the item was an account bind item, to the player's account. If you have an extremely powerful item that you wish to sell, you may be able to unbind it with the 'credit buy unbind' command. Not all items can be unbound.
Question 2.17 - Character Sales and Transfers Syntax: set chartransfer - used by seller to make an offer credit buy chartransfer - used by buyer to purchase a character If you would like to sell or give a character to another player, you must pay a 2000 credit transfer fee per character, regardless of the character level. The fee applies for each character moved from one account to another. This means that if you wish to trade characters with someone, that's two transfers. There are limitations on transfers: a character may only be moved from a verified account to another verified account. Account bound equipment remains in the account, and will be unusable by the character after the transfer is complete. Character-bound equipment will continue to be usable. Please make sure that you have cleared any email messages, from both the sentbox and inbox, unless you wish them to be public. Also note that credit transactions may stay attached to the character, if you used credits prior to adding the character to an account. Lastly, be aware that the purpose of Alter Aeon is not to provide players with a forum where characters can be bought and sold for profit. Alter Aeon is a game that strives to be the best game it can be, and while it is possible to sell characters, we are under no obligation to help buyers or sellers make money. That's not our job, so do it at your own risk.
Question 2.18 - Account Transfers If you would like to trade or give an entire account to another player, you must pay a 5000 credit transfer fee, regardless of the number of characters in the account. Account transfers must be approved by Dentin, and are a manual process performed by him. When the account transfer is approved, the two accounts will be merged, placing all characters and equipment in a single account. Account bound equipment may be used by any character in the merged account.
Question 2.19 - Refund policy The official refund policy is 'no refunds after exchange has occurred'. You may cancel at any time prior to the actual service being performed. Clan dues are a partial exception to this, in that clan dues paid in one clan may sometimes be moved to another clan. Clan dues will be pro-rated at 1 million gold per month, limited by the dues remaining in the clan. A minimum value of 1 million gold will remain in clan dues in all cases. Please be sure before you buy - it saves everyone hassle.

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