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FAQ 2.12 - Weightless containers

For 2500 credits, you can purchase a 'weightless' container. There are several different available names for weightlesses, and you can pick from the available strings when you make your purchase. All of these containers have zero weight regardless of what you put in them! They start off holding 500 pounds, and can be expanded later using credits. To buy a weightless: 2500 credits - 500 pound capacity Expansions are: 500 credits - 100 pound expansion Renames are: 1000 credits - restring a weightless container (keyword changes are free) Mudmail restrings to Dentin for approval. Container merging and splitting: 500 credits - merge two weightlesses into one 500 credits - split one weightless into two (minimum 500 pounds each) All containers are size 50 and should hold nearly any sized thing, so long as the weight capacity is not exceeded. Note also that we can't guarantee the existance of any restrung objects if you don't take care of them. Weightless containers can usually be restored from backup if something truly terrible occurs, but don't risk it by leaving your container on the ground!

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