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FAQ 2.14 - Storage lockers

For 2000 credits per year (100 credits for 18 days), you can purchase a storage locker. This locker is usable from your recall, and provides convenient sorted lists, get and put commands, as well as the ability to enter the locker and sort your equipment on the ground without the fear of losing items. You can only purchase locker space up to a maximum of ten years worth of time. Note that if you put more than 1000 items in your locker, the rental price goes up. You can test drive the storage system for a month using the 'storage activate' command. This will give you a one month trial period in which you can use your locker. When the trial period runs out, you will still be able to retrieve your equipment from the locker, but you won't be able to add anything new. (We wouldn't want you to lose your equipment!) Clan elders can also enable a clan storage locker using the 'credit buy clanstorage' command. Once the locker is enabled, it is paid for out of standard clan dues (there is no charge if your clan locker is empty.)

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