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FAQ 2.9 - Custom Object Strings

Changing the strings on an item changes the following four strings: Name: 'sword sub-issue sub' Inventory: 'a sub-issue sword' Ground: 'A sub-issue sword lies on the ground here.' Long desc: (this is what you see when you look at the item) Restringing a single item costs 1000 credits, and only includes those four strings. Wear, wield, and other strings can not be set on a per-item basis. Restrictions on strings: All strings have to be somewhat in theme with the mud, or not so obviously out of place that they are annoying. As an example, "Jerk's fifty page porno mag" would be an unacceptable weapon name. In general, inventory strings can NOT include color tags. If you think you have an exception, do the following: 1) Make sure you only have ONE color change. 'a flaming green longsword' MIGHT be acceptable. 'a flaming green and blue longsword' is totally unacceptable. 2) Make sure your item has a damned good reason for being colored. Just saying 'but its a green ring with a red gem in it' isn't sufficient. A longsword dripping bright green flames when drawn might be ok. 3) Convince Dentin that your item has a good reason to be colored. In general, assume Dentin will disagree with you and deny your request. Remember, we're trying to keep with the theme of the game, so don't ask for obviously stupid restrings!

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