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Alter Aeon FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ 21.2 - What is a "plane change" on rack check? How do I avoid them?

On rack check, you may see an entry like the following: Room 70896: (plane change from -736 to -1258). You don't want this. This is bad. The universe of Alter Aeon is divided up into planes, where each plane can have a bunch of rooms in it. Plane 0 is the prime material plane, where you can find the mainland, the newbie islands and other known continents. Distances on the prime material plane can be walked, teleported, sailed or otherwise traversed without interruption. The positive planes, from 1 on up, are things like the outer planar fire world, the plane of elemental water and so forth. Positive planes have to be set by hand using worldbuilder commands. These represent real locations that are distinct and very distant from the prime material plane. Negative planes are when the game can't figure out what plane a room belongs on. Normally the game figures out where rooms belong by running the mapper. The mapper spreads outward from anchor rooms, and every room that it can find on exits gets mapped to plane zero. The rooms that are left over are basically disconnected from the world, which means players can't walk to them. Each block is assigned a plane with a negative number, which generates error messages that they should be fixed. If you want to build a room that is only accessible through a portal or a special effect such an interactive or a dproc, please build it normally first using the 'rlink' command. You can then seal it off behind an unopenable, unfindable door. To set up such a door, dcreate a new door, then type 'dset barrier' and the game will automatically set all the necessary flags. Then place the door where you need it. If you want a portal leading to a different plane, you should contact Dentin or a world builder about setting up a separate rack on that plane.

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