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FAQ 21.4 - So what is an example of a mob with 'good' strings?

Note the capitals on the fight string - this is a unique, special mob with a proper name, so he gets capitals. Name string: 'beastlord chaos' Fight string: 'The Chaos Beastlord' Ground string: The Chaos Beastlord lets out a spine-chilling howl and attacks! Long description: The Chaos Beastlord is smaller than you would think. He doesn't stand more than five feet tall, but makes up for size with number of appendages. The two hairy arms are covered with thick black fur, and wield a long black longsword. The front two legs look more like a tarantula's legs, and the back two legs make the body look like a four-legged spider. The beastlord lifts it head up and utters an inhuman howl, then charges quickly toward you on all four legs, his speed and dexterity unmatched by anything you have seen.

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