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Alter Aeon FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ 22.1 - How do I build rooms?

Here is a list of the most fundamental commands used to create rooms: rset short <room title> rset long rset exit <direction> <destination room vnum> rlink <direction> <destination room vnum> rset save rcreate <new room vnum> And of course the old standby, 'help rset'. Suppose you own the rack of vnums starting at 28700. Here is an example of commands used to create a couple new rooms: goto 28700 - go to the start of your rack rset exit south 28701 - create a one way exit to room 28701 s - walk south through the exit into new room rset short My room - set title of new room to "My room" rset long - set long description of room rlink east 28702 - create a two way link between 28701 and 28702 e - walk east to room 28702 rset short A new room - name the new room rset save - saves all your rooms to disk

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