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FAQ Section 23 - [builder] Mob building

Question 23.1 - Important - overall mob building procedure Mobs, particularly low level mobs, are very simple to build: 1) Create the mob and load a copy 2) Set the strings, all of them 3) Set the mob type, race, size, and gender 4) Use 'mset overall' to set the mob level. For example 'mset mob overall 23' to give the mob level 23 stats. Make sure to check 'rack mcheck' for appropriate level ranges for your boss, exp, and decoration mobs. 5) Add specps and make minor tweaks if needed. In short: don't try to custom tweak the hitpoints, don't try to custom modify damroll or dieroll or any of that stuff - just set the strings, set the type/race, and mset overall to fill out everything else. This allows us to relevel monsters quickly and easily later on, and is particularly important in new player zones. One other thing to keep in mind is to keep mob maxload below 3 or 5. It's a lot better to have six mob vnums at maxload 2 than one vnum loaded a dozen times.
Question 23.2 - How do I create a new mob? Use the 'mcreate' command to create it. This will create the vnum, and will also load a copy of the mob in the room with you. You can then use the 'mset' command to modify it. When creating a new mob, this is the recommended procedure: 1) create the vnum with mcreate 2) give the mob its name, fight string, ground string, and long description 3) use 'mset <mob name> overall' to set race, type, and general level 5) stat the mob with 'mstat', and make changes as needed 6) add special procedures, programs, and interactives You should also save the mobs stats from time to time so that new copies of vnum will load with your updated stats. The command to do this is 'mset <mob name> save'. Note that 'mset save' is different from 'mset <mob name> save'! Before logging out, you should also save all the mob vnums you have modified with the 'mset save' command. This command writes all the vnum data to disk. If the mud crashes before you use 'mset save', some of your changes could be lost.
Question 23.3 - How do I see what mobs I have created? Use the 'mshow' command. The syntax looks like: mshow - show other mobs near the first one in the room mshow <vnum> - show a list of 15 mobs starting from the given vnum mshow <name> - show a list of mobs with the given name mshow <name1> <name2> - show a list of mobs with both given names Examples would be: mshow 6300 mshow rabbit mshow demon wolf There are similar commands for rooms (rshow), doors (dshow), objects (oshow), and other various things.
Question 23.4 - Why won't my mob follow my orders? I just created it! Because mobs don't follow orders from anyone, unless they are charmed. As a builder, you don't care - you should be using the 'force' command instead. See also 'help force'.
Question 23.5 - My mob won't do anything when I force it. How do I tell what's happening? Try using the 'snoop' command to see what exactly is going on. A lot of stupid stuff can prevent a mob from completing its actions, including not being strong enough to wield a weapon, not being able to move because it's surrounded by nomob rooms, etc. Just snoop it and try the force again, you should see why the mob isn't reacting.
Question 23.6 - How do I check the stats on a mob? Use the 'mstat' command to see generic stats such as hp, mana, and level. Use the 'msstat' command to see strings. Use the 'mspstat' command to see spells and specps. Optionally, you can also 'snoop' the mob and 'force' it to use the score command. (advanced commands) Use 'msi' to see interactive procedures. Use 'msr' to see interactive debug data. Use 'msm' to see raw specp and memory data.
Question 23.7 - Now that I can see my mobs stats, how do I change them? Use the 'mset' command. Usually you can use commands like: mset mob hp 450 mset mob hitroll 13 mset mob die 4d15 mset mob dex 20 mset mob level 17 You can also change the names and strings of the mobs: mset mob name mob silly tester mset mob fight A silly tester mob mset mob ground A silly tester mob waits for you to change its stats. mset mob long After changing your mob to what you want, make sure to use the 'mset <mobname> save' command! This will save the stats on your current mob, so future copies of it will have the same stats. You will also want to use the 'mset save' command from time to time to save ALL of your mob changes to disk.
Question 23.8 - Why can't I set experience or gold on my mobs? Gold and experience are automatically calculated from the mobs stats and how players interact with it.
Question 23.9 - How do I keep my mob from wandering all over the place? There are many different ways to do this, but keep in mind that your rooms and mobs have to work in concert - you can set rooms so that certain mobs can wander into them, while other mobs cannot. Room flag Mob flag Effect ----------------------------------------------- NOMOB WANDERLUST Mobs can't enter nomob rooms unless wanderlust ANTI_RED RED Red mobs can't enter antired rooms ANTI_GREEN GREEN Green mobs can't enter antigreen rooms ANTI_BLUE BLUE Blue mobs can't enter antiblue rooms Room terrain Effect ----------------------------------------------- UNDERWATER Mob needs WATERBREATHING flag to move/survive WATER Mob needs BOAT or FLY flag to enter AIR Mob needs FLY flag to enter Mob flag Effect ----------------------------------------------- STAYWATER Mob will not wander out of water rooms STAYZONE Mob will not wander outside the bounds of yur area Note that low level builders can not set the wanderlust flag - wanderlust mobs can roam outside of area boundaries and this can mess up other areas pretty easily. If you need a wanderlust flag, you'll have to talk to a worldbuilder and let them know why it's necessary.
Question 23.10 - All this typing sucks, how can I set mob stats faster? Yes. There are three sets of commands to help reduce typing. The first two are the weakest, and you probably dont want to use them: mset <mobname> level <number> - sets all four levels on the mob mset <mobname> stats <number> - sets all six stats on the mob The command most commonly used is this: mset <mobname> overall This asks you a few questions about the mob, and sets most of the default stats to something reasonable. After using the command, you should check the mob and adjust it as necessary to make it what you want. If you don't know what you are doing, it is safe to keep most of the stats set with 'mset <mobname> overall'.

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