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Alter Aeon FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ 23.1 - Important - overall mob building procedure

Mobs, particularly low level mobs, are very simple to build: 1) Create the mob and load a copy 2) Set the strings, all of them 3) Set the mob type, race, size, and gender 4) Use 'mset overall' to set the mob level. For example 'mset mob overall 23' to give the mob level 23 stats. Make sure to check 'rack mcheck' for appropriate level ranges for your boss, exp, and decoration mobs. 5) Add specps and make minor tweaks if needed. In short: don't try to custom tweak the hitpoints, don't try to custom modify damroll or dieroll or any of that stuff - just set the strings, set the type/race, and mset overall to fill out everything else. This allows us to relevel monsters quickly and easily later on, and is particularly important in new player zones. One other thing to keep in mind is to keep mob maxload below 3 or 5. It's a lot better to have six mob vnums at maxload 2 than one vnum loaded a dozen times.

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