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Alter Aeon FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ Section 24 - [builder] Mob building - special procedures

Question 24.1 - How can I get my mob to cast fireballs and spells in battle? See 'help specp spellcasting'. There are many other specps that are available as well, but none of these are well suited for player interaction. If you want to do player interaction or mob scripts, see the help pages for 'interactive'.
Question 24.2 - How can I get my mob to talk and interact with players? See 'help iact'.
Question 24.3 - My mob's interactive/special procedures don't seem to be working. Help! Before you do anything, snoop the mob and look for error messages! Other things to check: 1) Can the mob see you? Goto the mob, snoop it, and say 'hello'. If the mob sees 'Someone says, 'hello'', that means either you are wizinvis, invisible, or in a dark room. 2) Did you reset the interactive? See the help page for 'iact reset'. 3) Is the mob awake?

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