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Alter Aeon FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ 25.1 - What is the dancer estimate I keep seeing on my mobs?

The dancer estimate is named after the ancient builder Dancer, who had difficulty determining how much exp to put on his mobs and wanted a better way to judge it. This was not just a problem for Dancer - all builders had this problem. He was just the first to really complain about it. So, the Dancer estimate was born. It is a rough estimate of how much exp the mob will be worth, based on its hitpoints, damage rolls, alignment, and a few other factors. It is a _very_ crude estimate, and does not take into account any special procedures or other special characteristics. For the most part, you can ignore this estimate. But, if you need to know roughly how powerful a given mob will be, you can compare the estimates of various mobs to get a rough idea. Do not count on the Dancer estimate to be reliable. It is not.

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