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Alter Aeon FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ Section 6 - Equipment, items, and inventory

Question 6.1 - Where can I get EQ to wear? Equipment is typically found on monsters, dungeons, donation rooms, or for sale in shops. There's a lot of equipment on the game, so just keep an eye out for things you see, and be ready to identify what you pick up. You can also use the 'compare' command to compare items against each other to determine which might be better.
Question 6.2 - Are there shops? How do I get to the shops? There are shops all over the place. In new player areas, shops are usually well marked and out in the open - just explore and look around. All major cities have a few shops as well, and some of these may or may not show up on maps of the city. Some shops are private with a small clientelle, and you may need to ask other players how to find them.
Question 6.3 - What do I do when it says "You can't carry that much weight"? You can either drop a few of the things you are carrying (or empty one of your bags), or you can increase your strength. If you are too weak, you won't be able to carry a lot of equipment and extra weapons or supplies. One thing to look out for are monsters that may sap your strength. These are typically undead or ethereal/ghostly creatures, though certain types of poisons can also make you weaker for a while. Most of these effects wear off over time, but they can make fighting difficult if you become too weak to wield your weapons.
Question 6.4 - Is there a way to get rid of things I don't need? Use the 'drop' command. You can even 'drop all' if you really want to, but be careful - items that are dropped may be picked up and taken by other players!
Question 6.5 - Where do I get gold? At low levels, you can occasionally loot gold from defeated monsters, but a more profitable activity by far is to sacrifice the corpses of the creatures you defeat. The gods look favorably on players who rid the world of corpses. Just use the 'sac corpse' command to sacrifice one. You may also find gold in treasure chests, in dungeons or crypts, or as rewards from quests. You may also be able to sell equipment or supplies at shops, or trade with other players. At higher levels, you may be able to sell things using the 'auction' command.
Question 6.6 - Is there somewhere I can store my gold? Yes, you can store extra gold at banks. Banks are located in most of the major cities in the game, but there's no bank in the newbie camp.
Question 6.7 - What does it mean when it says an item is bound to you? Items can be bound to certain characters, so that they can never be used by anyone else. These items can't be sold, and should be discarded when you no longer have a need for them.
Question 6.8 - What are resistances? do I want them to be + or -? Resistances protect you against various spells or damage types, such as fire, ice, lightning, or dragonbreath. You always want positive resistances if possible. You can use the 'elemental lore' skill and the 'stat' commands to see your resistances and saving spell protection.
Question 6.9 - Can I buy/sell equipment and characters from/to other players? Yes. However, keep in mind that we can't guarantee anything - if you get cheated out of your characters or equipment by someone in real life, the Alter Aeon admin might not be able to do anything about it. Be Careful when you buy or sell things to another player for real money. If you're really concerned about it, ask Dentin if he will mediate the transaction. This may cost you a handling fee, but your money will be safe.

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