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Alter Aeon FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ Section 7 - Grouping with other players

Question 7.1 - What are the advantages to grouping? Grouping allows characters to accomplish things they would be unable to do by themselves, such as killing a large mob for exp or equipment. Grouping also allows characters to specialize (hitting, tanking, casting, healing, etc.) in the group making better use of the skills availible. You can also gain more experience in groups, especially if you are the leader.
Question 7.2 - How should I behave while in a group? In general, grouping is the same as anything else in the mud. Try not to step on too many toes, learn who will help you and who will pretend to, listen, and basically try not to get in the way. Specifically, try to work with strategy. Know what you're killing, if one way to kill it is better than another, to all use it, etc. Know of dangers you'll face, and prizes you'll win. 'Tis a grand adventure :) But most importantly, try to pay attention to what is going on around you.
Question 7.3 - How can I set filters to make it easier to tell what's going on? There are many ways to reduce the amount of stuff you see while in groups. The most effective is the built-in 'spam' filter. See 'help spam' for information on how to make grouping easier to deal with.
Question 7.4 - What is a tank? On Dentinmuds, most mobs are capable of dealing damage to only one character. The tank of a group is the character that takes all the damage. Generally, the tank is the one with the best protective spells and highest armor class. It is usually a bad idea to have a spellcaster be the tank. They usually have lower hitpoints than warriors or thieves, and are limited in the amount of armor they can wear. High level warriors (above level 24 or so) may also have special tanking skills that make it much easier and safer to group. See the help page for 'tank' for more details.
Question 7.5 - What are the advantages of being a group leader? The leader of a group often controls what the group does. Leaders drag followers around when they move, allowing the entire group to go to the same place at the same time. Leaders also receive an exp bonus for successfully leading an active group.
Question 7.6 - What commands are there to help me run the group smoothly? You may want to look up the help pages for the following commands: gtell - send a message to everyone in your group noleave - prevents a leader from leaving behind group members hphurt - shows who in the group is injured hptank - shows who in the group is fighting or tanking warn - send a bright yellow warning to your group spam - used to reduce spam while in groups groupcast - used by clerics to cast spells on entire groups tank - used by warriors to enable the tanking skill
Question 7.7 - What else should I know to be an effective group leader? Since the leader moves the group, it would be good to know how to get to various places, and what might be in those places when you get there. Sometimes groups are formed for exploring unfamiliar areas, but even these require planning to help keep the group together and alive. You should try to be informed of the dangers at your destination, as well as the weaknesses of the creatures you will be fighting. This way your group is not caught off guard. An unprepared group can find itself in serious trouble, even in a relatively easy area. You should also try to be aware of the state of your group at all times. If all your members run out of mana or hp, your group is going to be extremely vulnerable.

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