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Name:       Shadowfax, god of elemental fire

Heat and light are his very essence.  Fire is his trusted servant.  The sun
is his closest friend.  There is only one to whom the raging wildfire or the
burning lava will heed, and he is Shadowfax the god of fire, elder of the
two Elemental Brothers.

They are figuratively kin, yet Shadowfax and Draak, the younger brother and
god of elemental ice, are of completely different origins.  While the latter
was a creation of Dentin, the former is said to have been was wrought by the
evil wizards of the during the wars of chaos and served the
evil immortals of ages past.  By some unknown feat he was able to escape
his creators' punishment and become that which he now is.

Under the tutelage of one the greatest sorcerers to ever roam the world,
Shadowfax learned the land, its wonders, mysteries, and secrets.  Countless
quests gained him favor from the gods of creation and legend.
Eventually immortality - and with it the powers of Creation and Lore - was
hard-earned through his works and deeds.

Many lands now owe their existance to him.  A stalwart clan was formed
with his aid, and thanks to his vigilance it has endured the test of time.
Many adventurers have been enlightened by his ancient wisdom and patient

Followers of Shadowfax are elemental worshippers--therefore they are not
devoted to he alone but also to Draak, and the Elemental Brothers are
typically worshipped together.  This plurality stems from the fact that
their ideologies are complimentary, not only with each other but also with
other members of the Pantheon, such as the Void.  Shadowfax represents the
purifying fire that will scorch the earth preceding Oblivion, and Draak
invokes the awful cold of the nothingness that exists in the Void.  Schlyne
is also closely allied to the two, representing the death that follows the
use of their elements, and it is not at all unusual to find followers that
worship all these gods' aspects. 

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