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Keywords are: 'math calculations calculator calculate' Syntax: calculate <expression> calculate <variablename> = <expression> Note that this code is very rudimentary, and might be buggy. An expression consists of numbers and operators, for example 3.14*16*16. There is NO operator precedence. Parenthesis do work however, so anything inside of them will be done first. If you really need things to be calculated in a specific order, use parenthesis to guarantee it. If you specify a variable name, the result of the calculation will be put into the given variable. For example: calculate spam = 4+(7*dieroll(3,6)) The result '11' will be put into the variable 'spam'. You can use the 'variables' command to see which variables you currently have set. Available functions are: log(number) - log base 10 of number ln(number) - natural log of number exp(number) - e^number sqrt(number) - square root of number rnd(number) - a random integer between 1 and number dieroll(rolls,diesize) - a random dieroll Available arithmetic operators: * / + - Available bitwise operators: & | ^

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