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Keywords are: '% channel format' %format <number> As an owner, you can change the format string used to display a channel. The numbers start at 0 and go up to 7. In the following examples, the odd numbered formats will display to the user the word 'You' instead of their name. It will look the same as the format above it to everyone else. Brackets: 0: [gossip] Conan: dentinmud rox! 1: You gossip: dentinmud rox! Parenthesis: 2: (gossip) Conan: dentinmud rox! 3: You gossip: dentinmud rox! 'Verb' style: 4: Conan gossips, 'dentinmud rox!' 5: You gossip, 'dentinmud rox!' 'Verb' style with colons: 6: Conan gossips: dentinmud rox! 7: You gossip: dentinmud rox!

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