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Keywords are: 'help section 2' Movement and Going Places There are three major ways to get somewhere - either by walking, using waypoints and recall, or magic portals. To walk in a direction, just type the name of the direction. For example, to go east, just type 'east'. You can also abbreviate the directions, such as 'w' for west or 'se' for southeast. Up and down are also valid directions. Waypoints are places that you can set as your 'home', and return to them quickly using the 'recall' command. If you get lost or in trouble, you should always be able to use the 'recall' command to return home! Note that it's hard to recall while fighting, so you may need to 'flee' from your fight first. Sometimes you will encounter portals or other magical devices that can transport you to other locations. To use one of these, use the 'enter' command on it.

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