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Keywords are: 'help section 3' Equipment and Items You can carry, collect, and use various items that you find on the game. Normally you will be concerned with 1) things you are carrying in your inventory, and 2) things you are wearing, such as armor and weaponry. Some of the commands to deal with objects are: get - allows you to pick up a piece of equipment from the ground, or get something from a bag or other container. The thing you get will be in your inventory. drop - drop something that you are carrying in your inventory. put - put something from your inventory into a bag or other container. give - give an item (or gold) to another player wear - wear a piece of armor. wield - wield a weapon. hold - hold a specific item. remove - stop using a worn, held, or wielded item. For the 'wear' and 'remove' commands, you can also perform actions such as 'wear all' and 'remove all' to change equipment quickly. Other commands are: recite - use a magic scroll quaff - use a magic potion donate - send an item to the local donation room for other players to use sacrifice - destroy an item by offering it to the gods use - this command tries to figure out something to do with an object, even if you might not know what it does.

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