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Keywords are: 'herbs ingredients spellcomp spell componants components reagents' There are three different kinds of items which can be used when brewing: Spell Components are items with strong, latent magical powers. They can be powders, liquids, parts of other creatures, even certain types of stones, dirts, or ash. Spell components are the most common ingredient in potions and unguents, but they can also be used to make poisons and bolster the potency of herbal salves and tinctures. The level of a brew is often dependent on the quality of the spell components used, and some spell components may have an affinity for certain kinds of spells. Herbs are plants and roots that have latent magical powers. Herbs are typically weaker than spell components, but certain types of brews can not be brewed without them. Salves and tinctures in particular rely on herbal properties for their potency. Herbs can also be used to season food while cooking. Food of various kinds may also be added to brews, but food typically has a very minor effect and is often used merely as a flavoring or a buffer. Usually any effect that food lends to a potion is considered a side effect of fungus or herbs in the food, not the food itself.

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