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Keywords are: 'kxwt playertriggers ptriggers' Currently available kxwt support for player specific data: kxwt_prompt %d %d %d %d %d %d - hp, hp_max, mana, mana_max, mov, mov_max kxwt_gold %d - integer gold value kxwt_exp %d - integer experience value kxwt_expcap %d - integer experience cap value kxwt_position %s - position, eg 'standing', 'sleeping' kxwt_obj_zap %s - uuid of object that was alignment zapped kxwt_action %d - actions like butchering, turn, etc numbers of 50 and up prevent spellcasting kxwt_spellup %s - name of spell just attached to player kxwt_spelldown %s - name of spell just removed from player kxwt_spst %s, %s - spell status sent once per tick, name of spell and duration kxwt_context %s - sent when entering contexts, such as note write and board post kxwt_idle - the game considers you idle kxwt_longterm_idle - the game considers you really idle

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