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Keywords are: 'kxwt roomtriggers rtriggers' Currently available kxwt support for room and location data: kxwt_walkdir %d - integer walk direction kxwt_area %d %s - integer area number, printable area name kxwt_sky %d %d %d - outdoors, sky visible, overcast, 1 or 0 kxwt_terrain %d - integer terrain, see 'help kxwt_terrain' kxwt_waypoint - this room is a waypoint The most important room kxwt is: kxwt_rvnum <vnum> <xsize> <ysize> <xpos> <ypos> <zpos> <plane> Vnums are de-instanced. The xsize and ysize can be used by mappers to generate appropriately sized room graphics, while the three position values place the room within a given plane. There may be multiple rooms that overlap - we are trying to fix this, but it's slow going. Most rooms will be on plane zero or a positive plane. Rooms on negative planes should be specially treated, and possibly ignored - their coords are not guaranteed to be consistent, and they may change plans at any time.

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