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Keywords are: 'tornius' reagent' Tornius' Reagent is an unusual brewing component, in that it does not contribute to or modify the spells found in any known brews. However, it can often make brews more powerful, or allow more of a given brew to be created with fewer rare components used. What really makes the reagent special is how easy yet unobvious it is to make. The vast bulk of the reagent is composed of simple, nonmagical animal milk and the ground bone (again from nonmagical creatures.) While many types of bone powder can be used spell components, most common herd animals are non-magical and useless for potion making. When preparing Tornius' Reagent, the non-magical bone powder and milk are combined in a heated cauldron with a small amount of volcanic black clay imported from around K'tin Lake in the southeast mainland. The properties of the clay spread throughout the bone and milk, allowing it to be used in brewing without changing a brew's magical makeup. You can buy Tornius' Reagent cheaply in most brewing shops.

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