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Keywords are: 'variables vars' Format: variable variable <varname> variable <varname> <string> variable <varname> NULL Without arguments, the variable command will list what variables you currently have set. With a single variable specified, this command will show you what that variable is set to. When given a variable name and a string, the variable is created if needed and the string is stored inside it. NULL can be used to delete a variable. The only valid characters for a variable name are a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and underscore. Variables can be used in commands by using $varname or $(varname) to extract the value. For example: say I am hunting $target backstab $target gossip I am coming to get you, $target!!!!!! Note that using the $(varname) syntax, with parenthesis, does a recursive expansion if necessary. For example: var Dentin ppk var target Dentin say target is $target, target status is $($target) Using the parenthesis is also the only way to check for empty variables: say normal expansion of ->$undefined<- say parenthesis expansion of ->$(undefined)<- We recommended that you use parenthesis expansion when using the 'if' command.

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