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Keywords are: 'varset variable set' Format: varset help varset <variable name> args varset clear For a list of available varset commands, use 'varset help'. The varset command is a simple way to set a value to a variable that you would normally be forced to copy and paste. You can use it to automatically store your hitpoints to a variable, or other things such as item names and uuid. For example, if you were wearing 'a +1 helm of surprise' on your head and you wanted a variable named 'hat' with the name string of the helm, you could simply type: varset hat insult -head This would create a variable named 'hat' that contained the name string and uuid of the helm on your head. In this case, it might be something like: adamantium confetti surprise wt7e2bruakf745k The varset command will work on objects in your inventory as well. If you were carrying the helm instead of wearing it, you could type: varset hat insult helm If you have a specific varset need, please mudmail Dentin to request it.

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