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Keywords are: 'age aging' The age of your character can have a drastic effect on its abilities. The most prominent effect of age has to do with the deterioration of physical body, and enhancement of the mind. While younger characters are typically better suited for physical tasks, the greatest of mages and other magic users are invariably quite old. Not only do older characters typically have access to more mana, but they also rebuild their stores more quickly than young characters. Your age can be affected by spells or magical items. To see how old you currently are, use the 'whoami' command. There is only one way to dramatically speed up aging: wear equipment with the AGING effect on it. There are only a handful of ways to permanently reduce your age. The most common is to drink from the fabled Fountain of Youth. Note that drinking from the fountain can be lethal if you are too young. Only players who are older than 50 years old should attempt to drink from the fountain. Players that are over 200 years and have not logged in for over a year are eligible for a special reset to age 50. If you are eligible, you will receive a message shortly after logging in. Use 'set agereset -force' to reset your age.

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