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Keywords are: 'alignment goal good antigood evil antievil neutral antineutral' Format: alignment goal <desired alignment> (Note - if you are used to alignment systems on other games, please read 'help alignment differences' first.) Alignment is a measure of how fanatically good or evil you are. You can become good by killing evil things, or become evil by killing good things - but you must set a goal first. If you don't set an alignment goal, you will stay neutral. You can decide on and change your alignment goal at any time. When in doubt, it is always safe to be neutral, with no alignment goal. You can use the 'alignment' command with no arguments to see your current alignment, and your current alignment goal. The advantages of alignment are that some things may or may not attack you if you are a particular alignment, and certain spells can have different effects if you are good or evil. Additionally, some equipment can only be worn if you are of a specific alignment. Before setting your alignment goal, keep in mind that it may take a -very- long time to reach certain goals. If there is a preponderance of evil players in the game, it can be very hard to also become evil. It may however, be very easy to become good. Prime Evil: -999 Evil: -450 Neutral: 0 Good: 450 Angelic: 999

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