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Keywords are: 'armor class ac-apply acapply apply multipliers defense defence' Ac-apply is a measure of how effective a piece of armor is. Higher ac-apply means more protective, lower means less. Certain wear locations have bonus multipliers for ac-apply - as listed in the Tome of Armors in Mud U: Armor Class Apply chart --- all multipliers are x1 unless otherwise listed. arms...........x1.5 head...........x2.5 legs...........x2 body, about....x2 held...........x0 wielded........x0 body, on.......x3 For example, a breastplate worn on body with 4 AC-apply would give you an armor bonus of 12 points. The effect ARMOR is similar. If something affects you with "ARMOR by 10", it is far more protective than if that object affects you with "ARMOR by -10". The higher your total armor class, the more difficult it is for your opponents to do damage when they hit you.

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