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Keywords are: 'thief skill bloodletting stab blstab' Skill: bloodletting stab Lvl 1 Thie (28%) (critical) Group: Thief melee fighting skills Speed: slow Usage: stab stab <target> The 'bloodletting stab' skill is a particularly brutal attack, that while difficult to land, can be very damaging and painful. The weapon is stabbed into the target in an area so as to cause maximum damage, then ripped free to open the wound and cause as much free bleeding as possible. It may take some time for the target to staunch the wound. While daggers and spears can be used, it is also effective with any weapon that has a blade. Only one-handed weapons can be twisted at the extreme angles required to properly tear open a bleeding wound. Curiously, if you are wearing gloves or gauntlets that have a bladed damage type, you can also do a bloodletting stab while unarmed. Bloodletting stab is most effective against living creatures. However, elementals, undead and other creatures without blood in the convential sense are still damaged by being stabbed and ripped into. Because this skill uses special stances and aims for specific areas, the target will begin to defend against repeated uses very quickly. One can typically only land this attack a small number of times in any given battle. Note that the free bleeding damage will not actually kill an opponent.

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