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Keywords are: 'druid skill brew tonic infusion analyze' Skill: brew infusion Lvl 9 Drui (28%) (important) Group: Druid tonics Profession Usage: brew tonic inventory - use all items in your inventory brew tonic <object list> - use only specific items brew tonic analyze - find brews using herbs in inventory Druid tonics are thin, light brews primarily made with herbs. The essence of the herb is dissolved into a liquid, typically water, and is combined with the magic of the brewer to bring out some natural property. It is said that most of the power of a tonic comes from the brewer, and that few druids will brew the same tonic given the same ingredients. The simplest of druid tonics are cold-brewed concoctions known as infusions. Rules of infusion brewing: - only herbs and spell components may be used - at least one herb must be used - a herb combination will always give the same result for a brewer - different brewers will get different results for herb combinations - spell components can change the level and amount of the tonic, but do not affect the spells produced by the herbs - knowing additional tonic brewing skills such as reduce decoction will increase your odds of success Brewing infusions is compatible with the 'autobrew' feature. Infusions brewed in this fashion can be enhanced with the reduce decoction and reduce tincture skills.

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