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Keywords are: 'druid skill carve carving fetishes' Skill: carve fetish Lvl 27 Drui (28%) (helpful) Requires: carve totem Group: Druid talismans Profession Usage: carve fetish list - list different fetish choices carve fetish create - create a new blank fetish carve fetish create <type> - create a new totemic fetish carve fetish <object> - continue working on a fetish carve fetish finish <object> - finish carving a fetish and seal it Fetishes are carved wooden discs imbued with magic. They are typically suspended from cords that can be wrapped around the wrist or neck. Their creation is an extension of totemic magic, representing a finer, more controlled example of the art. You can make two kinds of fetishes. When no totemic animal is specified, you will create a carved fetish. These can be made in a single sitting, but require a great deal of mana. Carved fetishes are blank, and are ideal for rune-carving. The second kind of fetish is essentially a worn totem. Carving this kind of fetish, like carving a totem, happens in multiple stages: 1) Gather a piece of wood from outdoors. This will serve as the base for your fetish. 2) Create the fetish, specifying the type of animal. Unlike totems, you can only carve fetishes for yourself. 3) Carve the fetish one stage at a time. Fetishes can take a long time to carve, and high level fetishes may take many carving sessions. 4) Finish the fetish, sealing the magic in it and making it usable. When a fetish is ready to be sealed, you will see this message: You turn an unfinished druidic fetish of a lion over and decide that it's time to finish and seal the fetish. When you finish sealing the fetish, you will see this message: You complete a druidic fetish of a lion with a few deft knife strokes and cast a subtle spell to seal it and anchor its magic.

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