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Keywords are: 'druid skill carve carving weapons shillelagh quarterstaffs staffs cudgels craft' Skill: carve weapon Lvl 6 Drui (42%) (helpful) Requires: carve totem Group: Druid talismans Profession Usage: carve shillelagh <wood> - carve a shillelagh from gathered wood carve cudgel <wood> - carve a cudgel from gathered wood This skill allows druids to use gathered wood to create shillelaghs and cudgels as temporary weapons. The carved weapon typically has runes for durability and power, and often can help the druid channel magic more easily. The weapon will do magical damage, letting it affect ghosts and other ethereal creatures. The magic slowly burns through the wood, and they eventually burn out. The best way to get raw materials for carving is to 'gather wood staff', which will help you to find pieces the right size and shape. If you know the 'scrimshaw' skill, you can also carve weapons from harvested bones. Shillelaghs are two handed, cudgels are one handed.

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