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Keywords are: 'warrior skill cleave cleaving autocleave autocleaving' Skill: cleave Lvl 10 Warr (28%) (critical) Requires: lunge Speed: slow Usage: cleave cleave <opponent> The warrior 'cleave' skill is most useful in melee combat with multiple opponents. Cleave is a succession of follow-through attacks, where your weapon skips from one nearby target to the next. Experienced warriors may make several hits in a single swing with this skill. Due to its nature, cleaving does the most damage when using an edged weapon such as a sword or an axe, and is less suited for piercing weapons such as spears and daggers. Flexible attacks such as whips and flails can hit more opponents at once. One extra side effect of this skill is that if you land a killing blow, you automatically get a 'free' cleave attack. Like many power attacks, a cleave is most effective at penetrating the armor of enemies that are dazed, confused, stunned, knocked down or nauseated.

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