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Keywords are: 'combat points' Syntax: points - show your current point totals points value <spell/skill name> - show how many points a spell/skill costs points buy <spell/skill name> - improve a spell or skill using points Combat points are points that you occasionally get from combat and fighting. So long as you get experience for the kill, you're eligible to get a combat point. Combat points are given every few kills, based on the level of the mob. Naturally, higher level monsters are more likely to give points. You can use combat points to improve combat-related spells or skills using the 'points value' and 'points buy' commands. Each time you improve, it raises the skill by 1%. You can raise skills to 'perfect' this way, which you can't do by using practices at a trainer. The only combat skill you cannot improve this way is 'multiple attacks'. See also 'help profession points'.

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