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Keywords are: 'thief skill crippling strike' Skill: crippling strike Lvl 20 Thie (28%) (critical) Requires: bloodletting stab Group: Thief melee fighting skills Speed: very slow Usage: cripple <target> Over the course of their careers, thieves learn to fight a variety of foes. They can learn to explicitly target the weak spots of a enemy's anatomy and cripple them. The thief learns how to strike with precision to disable or injure the joints and limbs of opponents, lowering their stamina and hampering their ability to fight back. A thief with sufficient experience can execute a crippling strike with relative ease. Armor is bypassed by a crippling strike, seeing how the attack specifically targets an enemy's joint, which has weak protection as a general rule. Any sort of weapon with a solid striking end can be used for a crippling strike, such as swords, daggers, maces and whips. The skill relies more on the thief's fighting prowess and judgement than any special technique. Feinted opponents are easier to cripple, and creatures that are bleeding take extra damage. Crippling strikes work best against creatures with a discernable anatomy. The movement damage only occurs against living targets, since an unliving foe cannot feel pain. Blobs are especially resistant to this skill, and groups of enemies such as herds, flocks or packs cannot be crippled.

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