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Keywords are: 'dexterity stats statistic' Dexterity is a measure of your character's reflexes, balance, speed and coordination. It is very important in combat situations, but it does have other uses. These include: - increasing the number of items you can carry in your inventory - thief skills involving theft, stealth and lockpicking - passive defenses such as dodge, parry, shield block and evasion - improving the accuracy of most thief and warrior offensive skills - accuracy when throwing and ranged combat - very low dexterity can be disastrous to crafting Dexterity can also be augmented by magical means, via the 'agility' druid spell, and debuffed with the 'clumsiness' and 'lethargy' cleric curses, stunning, hypothermic chilling and the 'vexed visions' thief poison. You can raise your dexterity permanently with the 'train' command.

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