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Keywords are: 'druid spell entangling roots' Spell: entangling roots Mana: 40 Int: 21 Wis: 23 Lvl 17 Drui (28%) (critical) Requires: plant lore Group: Druid plant lore Speed: average Usage: cast entangling roots <target> When cast, 'entangling roots' causes roots and vines to grow suddenly up from the ground and attempt to grasp the target. While the roots will not do much damage themselves, they effectively prevent the target from moving, hindering the targets' fighting abilities severely. This spell is difficult to get to work - often the target can see the roots in time to jump out of range, and those well protected against magic will be able to stop the roots via magical means. Additionally, the target can be freed by killing or cutting enough of the roots and vines.

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