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Keywords are: 'eqsets equipment sets management' Syntax: eqset help eqset create <set name> <container name> eqset list eqset show <set name> eqset show <item name> eqset rehome <name> <container> eqset replace <item> <uuid> eqset delete <set name> eqset wear <set name> [-silent] eqset unwear <set name> [-silent] The eqset command is designed to help you manage sets of equipment that are made for a specific purpose. Examples of sets are a set for hitting mobs, a set for regenerating, and a set for saving versus fire. When you use 'eqset create', the game will take a snapshot of all the equipment you're wearing and enter it into a list that you name. If you don't specify a container to put everything in, the game will use the most suitable container in your inventory. When you use the 'eqset wear' command, the game will swap the items you're wearing out for the new set one piece at a time, starting from the top. If you're already wearing items that belong in the set you're switching to, the game will only switch items that need to be changed out. You can see a list of your equipment sets with 'eqset list', and a detailed version of each set with 'eqset list <set name>'. You can delete an equipment set with 'eqset delete'. Additional eqsets can be purchased using the 'credit buy' command.

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