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Keywords are: 'thief skill evasion evade' Skill: evasion Lvl 37 Thie (28%) (important) Requires: contortionism Group: Thief defensive fighting skills Speed: average Evasion is the thief skill used to dodge and deflect the full force of incoming magical projectiles, such as fireballs and icebolts. Magical spells are difficult to detect and evade. Thieves not only learn to twist and contort their body in order to evade the actual projectiles, they also learn to track their opponent's movements and anticipate the casting of the spells that generate such projectiles. A higher dexterity can help with the evasion skill. Certain kinds of spells cannot be evaded, no matter how skilled a thief might be. Spells like 'firefield' and 'tempest' affect everyone in the area, regardless of their position. Cleric spells like 'harm' and 'flamestrike' are divinely guided to their target. Furthermore, spells like 'magic missile' and 'demonfire' include magical tracking as part of their casting.

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