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Keywords are: 'thief skill flourish flouresh flurish' Skill: flourish Lvl 11 Thie (21%) (helpful) Requires: feint Speed: very slow (Can Be Cast On Others) Usage: flourish <target> To flourish is to make a rapid series of swings, stabs and spins with your weapon, displaying your prowess before finishing with an attack. While the swift movements involved can lend extra damage to your strike, a well-executed flourish can also awe an opponent. Both one and two-handed weapons can be flourished, however one-handed weapons tend to be most effective. High impact weapons like axes and hammers are more difficult to flourish. Demoralized enemies will take more damage from a flourishing strike. Due to the nature of such a display, it may be possible to land several incidental blows against a foe before the final flourishing strike. Enemies will begin to anticipate flourishes if they are overused, so it is best to intersperse them with other attacks. High dexterity helps in the execution of a more successful, damaging flourish. A higher charisma helps demoralize a foe. Even creatures of lesser intellect, such as wild animals and plant monsters, can be cowed by a sufficiently impressive flourish.

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