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Keywords are: 'thief skill hide hiding' Skill: hide Lvl 11 Thie (28%) (critical) Requires: searching Group: Thief stealth skills Hide is a thief skill used to attempt to conceal yourself in a room. Hide may be practiced at a guildmaster. As soon as you do anything, you are no longer hiding. In order to hide, you must not make any noise, so avoid being in possession of anything that hums. Also, you must not emit too much light - in some situations, ambient light will drown out any light sources you carry, but to hide in a dark room, you must not have anything that glows. You can control to an extent when you will automatically unhide using the 'autounhide' command. Note that if you hide while sleeping, there is generally a chance that you will accidentally expose your hiding place. That said, it is possible to get perfect hide while sleeping, so that you'll never be accidentally discovered. It is a bad idea to try to hide while the 'continual light' spell is cast, as the ball hovers nearby and will quickly expose you. Perfect hide while sleeping will require some +hide equipment for most players, even if you have the skill at perfect. 'brag hide' has been added to help you know how far short you are. The things that help are skill level, thief level, dexterity, equipment, and the darken and invisibility spells.

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