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Keywords are: 'mage spell identify shortid effects affects' Spell: identify Mana: 15 Int: 20 Wis: 16 Lvl 13 Mage (28%) (obscure) Requires: detect magic Usage: cast identify <target> identify <object> There are two ways to discern the properties of an item. The most common way is to use the 'identify' command. It can tell you information ranging from the ac apply of a piece of armor to the number of charges left on a wand. It may also reveal unusual powers or abilities an item may have, or if it has been damaged, charged or otherwise modified in a magical way. It works on objects of any level, but only ones that you are carrying or wearing. You can use the identify command on wear locations to identify the object worn there. For example, if you wanted to identify your boots but can't recall the name, 'identify feet' will work. The identify spell works in much the same way, but it can be cast on objects on the ground. It can also reveal a limited amount of information about creatures, though most of these traits are obvious, especially to those versed in the various lore skills. There are two server-side formats for display information from identify, a long form and shortid, which condenses the output to a single line. You can toggle between a long and short identify output using 'set shortid'. This can be further customized with 'set shortid insult', which toggles between showing an items inventory string and its insult string.

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