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Keywords are: 'thief skill throwing knifethrowing grenades bombs' Skill: knife throwing Lvl 15 Thie (21%) (important) Requires: dirt throwing Group: Thief ranged fighting skills Speed: fast Usage: throw <object> throw <object> <direction> throw <object> <character> The throw command can throw an object from one room into the next, or can be used to throw objects at other characters causing damage. To get the full effect of throwing things at mobs, it is best to practice the thief skill 'knife throwing'. Note that throwing things at other characters is considered an offensive act. The probability of hitting your target is related to the size of the target, the hitroll of the thrower and the dexterity of the target. Since this is a thief skill, the damage done is related to the skill level of the thief, as more experienced throwers will be able to hit more vital areas. While fighting, you may throw things at whatever you are attacking without specifying a target. There is a small chance of losing objects thrown while in combat. Another skill related to knife throwing is 'potion throwing', which is used to improve the chance of potions casting spells on targets. Grenades that are thrown at characters will be lit near the base of the fuse so that they detonate immediately. Grenades that are thrown at the ground or towards an exit will detonate after a short time, relative to the length of the fuse. Grenades are generally area attacks, and will hurt anyone in the room, including the thrower. Groups of creatures such as flocks, packs or herds take more damage from grenade attacks, as do certain weakly armored opponents. Creatures that have been in battle recently or are otherwise alert and expecting combat will quickly spot grenades and take cover, often avoiding almost all damage. You must know knife throwing to accurately throw a grenade and explosives in order to light them safely.

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